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Road Jurisdiction

There are four types of road systems located in Grey County.

  • Provincial Highways
  • County Roads
  • Local Municipal Roads
  • Private roads

Roads can be identified using Grey County’s GIS Maps.

Provincial Roads

There are five major highways in Grey County: 6, 10, 21, 26 and 89. These roads are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. Questions can be directed to the Owen Sound office at 519-376-7350.

County Roads

County roads are the responsibility of Grey County and are named numerically (Grey Road 1, Grey Road 2 etc).  Questions related to Grey County roads should be directed to 519-376-7337 or submitted by e-mail.

Local Municipal Roads

Local roads are the responsibility of Grey County’s nine member municipalities. Local roads have common names such as Henry Street, Concession 1, 3rd Line etc. For questions related to these roads, contact the local municipality.

Private Roads

Private roads are owned and maintained by individuals, groups of property owners, or businesses.  These are normally found in private developments, waterfronts or cottages.

Road Salt Management

Grey County winters can be challenging. Fortunately, County staff have the knowledge and technology needed to keep roads safe and respect the environment.

Here’s how Grey County uses road salt to melt ice during the winter.

  • All plows are equipped with special electronic controls that regulate how much salt is applied to the road.  Plow operators set these controls based on the current weather and road conditions so salt is applied efficiently.
  • All salt is treated with a liquid deicer so it works faster and at colder temperatures. It also helps salt stick to the road better when it lands and leaves behind a residue that prevents more snow and ice from forming.
  • Rubber mounted blades on plows clean road surfaces more aggressively so less salt is needed.
  • Every plow has a GPS to track salt usage and ensure it is being applied correctly.

The amount of salt used each year depends on weather conditions.  It can vary from as little as 10,000 tonnes to more than 18,000 tonnes. Grey County works hard to meet the minimum maintenance standards set by the Ministry of Transportation, and service the levels approved by Grey County Council. We will continue to explore new technologies to improve our salt management plan and practices.

Adopt a Highway Program

Read the “Adopt a Highway” Instructions / Procedure and then download and fill out and send us the “Adopt a Highway” Agreement

ATVs on County Roads

Grey County is conducting a one-year pilot program to allow all-terrain vehicles and side-by-side off-road vehicles (ATVs) on certain Grey County roads. Grey County Council will review the pilot by September, 2017.

Uses and Restrictions
  • ATVs are allowed on all County Roads except those specified under Schedule A of the ATV by-law (see pamphlet below).
  • ATVs are permitted from sunrise until sunset from May 1 to November 10.
  • ATVs must be licensed and insured.
  • Drivers must follow all other laws, including Highway Traffic Act and Off-Road Vehicles Act.

This pilot applies to Grey County roads only. For details about local roads, contact your municipality.

ATVs on Grey County Roads pamphlet


Information Maps

Grey County Map Book

To buy 2016 Map Book $6.00 + HST = $6.78 please contact Monica Scribner 

To download 2017 Map Book pages, please click on the links below

INDEX (597 KB)

Blue Mountains (671 KB)
Chatsworth (757 KB)
Georgian Bluffs (912 KB)
Grey Highlands (1.46 MB)
Hanover (439 KB)
Meaford (684 KB)
Owen Sound (520 KB)
Southgate (771 KB)
West Grey (1.30 MB)   

Road Cameras


General Transportation Inquiries
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Engineering Manager


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