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10-Year Capital Budgets

Grey County maintains a 10-year capital budget forecasts to budget and plan for future investments in infrastructure, buildings, equipment and other items. 

The 10 Year Capital Forecasts are a financial tool that helps Grey County determine how much money is needed to replace or maintain its assets.  Capital projects may include physical things such as roads, buildings, equipment and vehicles or major studies, strategic plans, debt payments and setting aside money for future projects.  By using capital forecasts, Grey County is planning for the future by keeping property tax increases stable and making sure that departments are able to deliver services that the public relies on.

Grey County

Situated two hours north of Toronto, Grey County offers beauty you can’t get in the city.

  • 595 9th Ave East Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 3E3
  • (519) 376-2205 | 1-800-567-4739