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Affordable Housing

Aaron Whitney
Technical Supervisor
Anne Marie Shaw
Director of Housing
Jodi Eagleson
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Foss
Housing Programs Manager

Childrens Services

Barbara Arbuckle
Children's Services Manager
Elaine Schwartz
Children’s Services Financial Assessment Worker
Heather Reay
Ontario Early Years Centre Facilitator
Joni Johnston
Children's Services Team Assistant
Lynn Brewitt
Children’s Services Home Child Care Worker
Michelle Rouse
Children's Services Home Child Care Worker
Pam Scott
Ontario Early Years Centre Facilitator
Sharon Lange
Children's Services Financial Assessment Worker
Tara Cockerill
Children's Services Program Supervisor
Tracy Henderson
Children's Services Home Child Care Worker

County Clerk / Council Services

Heather Morrison
Deputy Clerk and Records Manager
Kathie Nunno
Administrative Assistant
Marlene McLevy
Emergency Systems Coordinator/Claims Supervisor
Robert Hatten
Communications Officer
Tara Warder
Committee Coordinator

Economic Development

Jacinda Rudolph
Outreach Coordinator, New to Grey
Philly Markowitz
Economic Development Officer
Savanna Myers
Economic Development Manager
Steve Furness
Senior Economic Development Officer


Kevin Weppler
Director of Finance
Mary Lou Spicer
Deputy Director of Finance
Mike Alguire
Purchasing Manager

Grey Gables

Kim Mustard
Grey Gables Resident Family Services Manager

Grey Roots

Claudette Martin
Education & Engagement Manager
Katrina Peredun
Media & Communications Coordinator
Petal Furness
Museum Manager
Sim Salata
Collections Manager

Human Resources

Grant McLevy
Director of Human Resources
Sandra Shipley
Human Resources Manager

Information Technology

Jody MacEachern
Acting Director of Information Technology

Lee Manor

Shannon Cox
Nutrition Manager

Long Term Care

Jennifer Cornell
Grey Gables Administrator
Karen Kraus
Rockwood Terrace Administrator
Loni Carroll
Administrative Assistant
Lynne Johnson
Director of Long Term Care
Renate Cowan
Lee Manor Administrator
Sheri Murphy
Administrative Assistant

Office of the CAO

Kim Wingrove
Chief Administrative Officer
Penny Colton
Executive Assistant to the CAO and Warden

Paramedic Services

Diana Livingston
Administrative Assistant - Paramedic Services
Jeff Adams
Quality Assurance Manager
Kevin McNab
Director of Paramedic Services
Wendy Bieman
Quality Assurance Manager

Planning and Development

Carolyn Bailey
Planning Technician
Monica Scribner
Administrative Assistant
Randy Scherzer
Director of Planning & Development
Scott Taylor
Senior Planner

Provincial Offences Administration

General POA Inquiries
Marg Graham
Provincial Offences Court Manager

Rockwood Terrace

Teri Fischer
Resident & Family Services Manager - Rockwood

Social Services

Andrea Brendel
Ontario Works Manager
Barb Fedy
Director of Social Services
Debbie Pegelo
Ontario Works Manager
Melissa McCulloch
Ontario Works Manager
Patti Gardiner
Administrative Assistant
Wendy Henderson
Ontario Works Manager


Bryan Plumstead
Tourism Manager

Transportation Services

General Transportation Inquiries
Graham Wilson
Maintenance Manager
Matt Marck
Engineering Manager
Pat Hoy
Director of Transportation
Tanya Patterson
Maintenance Management Assistant


Corporation of the County of Grey
595 9th Ave East
Owen Sound Ontario N4K 3E3
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.