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Redeveloping Long Term Care – What does it mean?


  • A single long term care home in southern Grey County, built to the most current standards, will allow Grey County to deliver consistent, high-quality care for the next 30 years.
    • Residents will have improved access to qualified staff, specialized services and equipment.
    • 32-bed resident home areas allow for personalized care and service
  • Grey County staff from Rockwood Terrace and Grey Gables will have jobs at the new home in Durham. Grey County will be able to offer more full-time and stable part time positions.
  • Combining two homes allows for operational savings.  This will help manage the costs of delivering care to residents who are coming in with more complicated needs than ever before.
  • Assisted living is needed in southern Grey County. The Grey Gables building can be sold to an assisted living provider to provide the services that are needed now and not available. This will create new jobs and investment in Markdale.
  • Grey County will maintain ownership over all of its current long term care beds.  Services will remain publicly owned and delivered by County employees.
  • Grey County will look to hire a qualified management company to oversee the day-to-day operations of long-term care.
    • The homes will still be County homes. The management company will report to council.
    • Management companies have more resources to manage operations and quickly react to complicated changes in provincial legislation.
  • Council’s decision on long term care redevelopment considered current and future community needs, social and economic impacts, operational challenges, and costs.
  • There are no licenses available for new long term care beds.

Grey County

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