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April 1, 2020

Due to limitations relating to COVID-19, Grey County is cancelling and delaying portions of its current construction program. Only tenders listed below are affected.

The following tenders that have been released are being cancelled:

  • RFT-TS-09-20 Structure Replacement GR9

The following tenders that have been released are being delayed until further notice:

  • RFT-TS-01-20 - Grey Roads 11/15 Pulverize/Pave/Reconstruction
  • RFT-TS-06-20 - Grey Road 2 Pulverize and Pave
  • RFT-TS-07-20 – Grey Road 2 Microsurfacing  

Grey County staff will continue to monitor the situation. If the state of emergency or its restrictions are lifted, Grey County may repost some or all the tenders later in the year and consider an extended construction season.

At this time, projects that have been awarded will continue.  Grey County is willing to work with the successful bidder on a revised schedule, if necessary, that is both reasonable and fair to both parties. This includes but is not restricted to, changing the completion dates to accommodate both parties.

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