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March 29, 2021

Grey County Council met virtually on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. for the regular session of council. The meeting was immediately followed by a session of committee of the whole. A recording of the meetings can be found on Grey County’s YouTube Channel.

County Council

  • Council accepted the minutes of the March 11 County Council and Committee of the Whole meetings.  Council   Committee
  • Council accepted the minutes of the March 9 Long-Term Care Committee of Management meeting.  Minutes
  • Council received the January 22 Board of Health Minutes. Dr. Arra provided a verbal update, speaking to concerns about travel between regions, vaccine rollout and the Provincial booking system, and work being done in response to opioid overdoses.  Minutes

Committee of the Whole

  • Council heard an annual report from integrity commissioners Principles Integrity. The integrity commissioner’s role is to advise council on ethical policy, educate on ethical matters, help resolve matters, and where necessary in the public interest, investigate possible violations of the Council Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures. Jeff Abrams informed council that during this reporting period they were contacted for advice and policy development support. No complaints were investigated.  Report
  • Council discussed the Collaborative Decision-Making Framework. The framework was adopted by council in 2013 as a tool to use when considering new services. In a recorded vote council decided no changes to processes are needed at this time. 
  • Council voted to promote the Pearls and Politics-Grey County’s Women of Distinction exhibit annually in March to coincide with the anniversary of the birth Agnes MacPhail and the celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • Ontario has announced significant changes to the Social Assistance system. The vision is a system that is responsible to individual needs, offering a range of social supports for housing, childcare, skills training, and mental health. Consultation will continue in the coming months.  Report
  • Grey County must offer a program to support low-income seniors and persons with disabilities with tax relief from year-over-year property tax increases. The current program has had very little uptake. Council approved changes to the program and by-law so it will be more effective for those who need to use the program.  Report
  • Council heard that member municipalities now each have the ability to end the Vacant Unit Rebate Program. This program provided eligible commercial properties with the ability to apply for a 30% rebate on property taxes for empty space. Industrial properties could apply for a 35% rebate. The program was designed to provide short-term relief; however, it was becoming problematic as properties remained eligible for years at a time, even after property assessments reduced values. Council recommended local municipal councils pass their own by-laws to eliminate the program.  Report
  • Council approved a plan of subdivision in Southgate known as White Rose Park. The plan includes 86 to 88 units, consisting of 30 single detached units and 24 townhouse dwellings, and 32-34 senior dwellings.  Report
  • Council endorsed the updated Forest Management Plan. This plan describes how County Forests are to be managed over a 20-year period. Council also thanked the public advisory committee members for their participation in the update. Report
  • Grey County communities are growing, and this is creating challenges with municipal boundaries and/or access to water and waste water services. A Growth Management Study is underway and is showing Grey County is growing even more quickly than forecast a year ago. Staff outlined some early findings of the study; shared examples of how other municipalities have managed boundary adjustments and provided a workplan for moving the issue forward.  Staff will work with member municipalities, neighbouring municipalities and neighbouring counties. Report

The Clerk’s Department maintains the official record for Grey County. This publication is intended to provide meeting highlights only. For official records, please refer to the meeting minutes, or contact the Clerk’s Department at 1-800-567-4739.

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