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June 28, 2019

Grey County Council met on Thursday, June 27 at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chamber. The council meeting was immediately followed by a session of committee of the whole. A recording of these meetings can be found on the County’s YouTube Channel.

County Council

  • Ross Kentner was sworn in as alternate member of Council for Meaford.
  • Council accepted the minutes of the June 13 County Council and Committee of the Whole meetings. Council briefly discussed the Community Improvement Plan Program from the previous meeting.  Council  Committee
  • Council accepted the minutes of the June 11 Long-Term Care Committee of Management meeting. A verbal update was shared. We are still waiting for a formal process to apply for more beds. A letter was sent to the Premier which has been forwarded on to the Minister of Health.  Minutes
  • Warden Hicks left the chair to speak about Grey County’s strategic priorities. Councillor Hicks expressed his concern about the County requesting more beds without also exploring other important topics in the County, such as affordable housing and transportation. Council will have a thorough discussion at future strategic planning sessions.

Committee of the Whole

  • The Town of the Blue Mountains Council asked Grey County to remove Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) charges from general taxation. Grey County receives the MPAC bill for all Grey County properties. The Town wants Grey County to bill municipalities individually which they believe is more reflective of the services received. Staff will bring a report to a future meeting.
  • A consultant from Altus Group shared findings of the recent County quarry study. Six options were shared. Selling or leasing the quarry were the recommended solutions. Council discussed the options and voted to explore leasing the quarry. A request for proposal will be prepared. Report  Presentation
  • Council received a mid-year financial update. Staff are projecting a year-end surplus of about $950,000, including $725,000 in provincial one-time funding that has not been allocated yet.  These projections are based on actual spending to the end of April. Many factors, including Provincial program funding changes, may affect year-end totals.  Report
  • Staff presented the latest 10-year capital report. This report outlines the major capital projects and their costs that are planned happen from 2020-2029. It is helpful for planning and budgeting. Report
  • Council approved an application to remove trees from a property in Owen Sound. Report
  • Council approved the collective agreement for County staff represented by the Ontario Nurses Association. Report
  • Clearview Township asked Grey County to support their request to reduce ‘red tape’ in the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act. Clearview wants the Province to remove a rule that requires municipalities to complete a permit process before completing minor roadwork in escarpment areas. County Council believes this regulation is worthwhile and will not support Clearview’s request. Instead, Grey County will send a letter supporting the regulation.
  • Each year at the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference municipalities can ask to meet with Ministries to discuss important issues. This year Council will ask for nine meetings on topics like long-term care redevelopment funding, health unit changes and more.

Good News and Celebrations

  • Holstein will have fireworks at dusk on Canada Day. There will be a car show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the park.
  • Agro Expo is July 5th and 6th at the Lewis Farm just north of Holstein.
  • July 6th and 7th is the swap meet and car show in Dundalk.
  • Council congratulated everyone involved in the Grey Gables 115 celebrations last weekend.

The Clerk’s Department maintains the official record for Grey County. This publication is intended to provide meeting highlights only. For official records, please refer to the meeting minutes, or contact the Clerk’s Department at 1-800-567-4739.

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