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January 30, 2017

Grey County Council met on Thursday, January 26, at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chamber. The council meeting was followed by a session of Committee of the Whole.

From January through June 2017, Grey County is piloting a Committee of the Whole meeting structure in place of the former standing committee model. Highlights of the meetings are below.

County Council

Council passed a by-law for a Simcoe Grey Boundary Road agreement Report, and a by-law for an agreement for funding from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund. Report

Committee of the Whole

Reports presented during Committee of the Whole are discussed by all members of Grey County Council for direction and endorsement. Resolutions passed at Committee of the Whole will be presented at the next session of Grey County Council where they will be formally endorsed and come into effect.

  • The committee agreed to maintain the County’s insurance policy with our existing service providers for 2017 Report
  • Grey County’s updated corporate Strategic Plan for 2017-2019 was approved by committee. This plan is built on three strategic goals: Growing the Economy, Supporting Healthy Connected Communities and Excellence in Governance and Service. It was created with information gathered from departmental strategic plans and community outreach. Report
  • The County is reconsidering its role in library services in an attempt to create a more comprehensive and cost effective library system across Grey. The County will begin working with member municipalities and library boards to see how a library union or integration of services may lead to better efficiencies and service delivery for all library users in Grey. Report
  • The committee received a report about the termination of the Expanding Paramedicine in the Community (EPIC) clinical trial. The trial was a partnership between Owen Sound Family Health Team and St. Michael’s Hospital and enabled community paramedicine in Grey County starting in March 2013. Clients in the trial were served by two dedicated paramedics who monitored their health through a telemedicine system. The EPIC program has not received the necessary funding for it to continue and must close on February 28, 2017. Several council members noted that they have received calls from patients and families members praising the effectiveness of the program.  Report
  • The Community Homelessness Prevention Investment plan for 2017-2018 which aims to prevent, address and reduce homelessness by improving access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing was approved by the committee. Report
  • Committee received the results of a study by University of Waterloo into recommended agricultural lot sizes which will then be incorporated into the Recolour Grey Official Plan review. Report
  • Approval for exemptions under the county’s entrance permit procedure granted to former RCA development on Grey Road 15. Report

The Clerk’s Department maintains the official record for Grey County. This publication is intended to provide meeting highlights only. For official records, please refer to the meeting minutes, or contact the Clerk’s Department at 1-800-567-4739.

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