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May 12, 2016

Four Grey County Paramedics will receive the Ontario Award for Paramedic Bravery at a ceremony Thursday evening at Queen’s Park in Toronto. In total, the Province is honouring 21 paramedics across the province.

“A Grey County Paramedic has never won this award before. To have four of our medics recognized in one year is outstanding,” said Mike Muir, Director of Paramedic Services with Grey County.

On August 30, 2015, paramedics Matthew Breadner and Tiffany Shaw witnessed a head-on collision south of Owen Sound. Two of the nine victims involved were trapped in their cars in serious condition. Working together, Matthew and Tiffany removed and stabilized the first victim. The second victim was pulled free moments before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

On August 10, 2015, paramedics Nick Maus and Kyle Stewart were responding to the series of arsons in Owen Sound. While treating patients for smoke inhalation, the pair discovered another fire spreading to a nearby building. They entered the smoke-filled home and successfully saved the two occupants.

The award winners will be recognized for their achievement at an upcoming meeting of Grey County Council.

“These paramedics acted boldly when faced with an emergency.  We’re thrilled they have been recognized for their brave actions,” said Grey County Warden Alan Barfoot. “We couldn’t be prouder to have these courageous men and woman working in Grey County and caring for us when we need it most.”

See the Province of Ontario’s media release for more information about the award.

For more information contact:

Mike Muir, Director of Paramedic Services


519‑376‑5744 ext. 1242

Rob Hatten, Communications Officer


519‑372‑0219 ext. 1235

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