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February 23, 2017

Grey County Council met on Thursday, February 23 at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers. The council meeting was followed by a session of Committee of the Whole.

Grey County is piloting a committee of the whole meeting structure until June, 2017. Highlights of the day’s meetings are below.

County Council

  • Council adopted the minutes of County Council and Committee of the Whole from February 9. Minutes
  • Council adopted a by-law for a boundary road agreement with Bruce County. By‑Law

Committee of the Whole

Reports presented during Committee of the Whole are discussed by all members of Grey County Council for direction and endorsement. Resolutions passed at Committee of the Whole will be presented at the next session of Grey County Council where they will be formally endorsed and come into effect.

  • The finance director discussed the property assessment values recently released by MPAC.  Any increases in assessment will be phased in over four years. Director Weppler noted that property owners can contact MPAC if they feel their assessment is higher than what they can sell their property for. Another report will come forward in the future that speaks to the County’s tax policies and tax ratios. Report
  • The County will bring cleaning services in-house to service the Administration Building, Provincial Offences building and Grey Roots for the duration of the construction period. Report
  • Council supported an Official Plan Amendment for the redevelopment of a retail property on the Sunset Strip in Georgian Bluffs. Report
  • Grey County will enter a long-term lease with Miller Paving for a parcel of land in the City of Owen Sound that includes a portion of  the CP Rail Trail. Miller Paving will reroute the CP Rail Trail for the duration of the lease and return the trail to its original state at the end of the agreement. Report
  • Council supported minor amendments to the Flato East approved subdivision plan in Dundalk. The initial plans were supported on November 10, 2016.  Report
  • Grey County will award a tender for pulverizing and paving of Grey Road 119 for an estimated $3.7 million. The Transportation Services Department will have a discussion with the contractor to determine the best haul routes with the least impact on local roads. Report

The Clerk’s Department maintains the official record for Grey County. This publication is intended to provide meeting highlights only. For official records, please refer to the meeting minutes, or contact the Clerk’s Department at 1-800-567-4739.

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