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Loon Call Markdale Subdivision

The purpose and effect of the Plan of Subdivision is to create four hundred and sixty-nine (469) new lots, comprising three hundred and thirteen (313) detached residential lots and one hundred and fifty-six (156) multi-attached residential units. New roads, parks, stormwater facilities, and open space blocks would also be created through the Plan of Subdivision. The purpose and effect of the County Official Plan Amendment would re-designate a portion of lands in the northeastern part of the subject lands from the ‘Rural’ designation to the ‘Primary Settlement Area’ designation to permit new residential development. 
Amendments to the Municipality of Grey Highlands Official Plan and Zoning By-law are also required for this devleopment.

File Number
42T-2021-08 and 42-08-180-OPA-12
Municipality of Grey Highlands
Staff Contact
Scott Taylor
Job Title
Director of Planning
Planning and Development

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