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Why issue development charges?

Development charges are used to pay capital projects that are needed to meet the increased demand for services and infrastructure that is generated by growth. More people mean more vehicles on our roads and more demand for ambulances and health services.

Development charges are fees charged to each new development that offset these increased costs. The charges can only be used for specific projects. Without development charges, the bill for increasing or improving services gets added to the property taxes of current residents. Development charges are payable at the time a building permit is issued.

2017 Development Charges

On October 4, Grey County Council set the development charges that will be phased in over the next two years. Residential developments will see an increase and non-residential developments will continue to be exempted. Changes to the current development charges will be in effect on January 1, 2017 and the new rates will be phased in over two years. Grey County will review the charges again in five years.


Single and semi-detached Residential
(per unit)
Row Housing and Other Multiple Residential
(per unit)
(per unit)
Wind Turbine
(per unit)

Non Residential

2017 Charge





No Charge

2018 Charge





No Charge


Every municipality is required to review their development charges every five years and Grey County required updated information and rates for 2017. Hemson Consulting Ltd. was hired to prepare the Development Charges Background Study. They worked with the Development Charges Steering Committee and staff to analyze the County’s growth trends and required capital projects in order to recommend rates.

During the review, the Committee recommended a change in how residential development charges are calculated in order to support improved affordability. Instead of having charges based on the square footage of the building, the calculation will now be based on the type of development and the number of units. Higher density development will pay a lower per unit charge than a single or semi detached dwelling.

A stakeholder information session was held on August 25, 2016, to get feedback from stakeholders and a public meeting was held on September 6, 2016.  Comments received at these meetings were considered by the Development Charges Steering Committee before they made their recommendations to County Council.

2016 Consolidated Development Charges Background Study and Development Charges By-laws

Stakeholder Information Session Presentation - August 25, 2016

Current By-laws

Specific development charges inquiries should be directed to Kevin Weppler, Director of Finance at (519) 376-2205, Ext. 1318 or email


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