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Front of the Administration Building

Grey County is building a better service environment to meet the current and future needs of residents and visitors. The expansion and renovation of the Administration Building will bring more services together under one roof, making it easier for visitors to access services in a fully accessible and inclusive setting.

As part of the project, the Provincial Offences Court will be moved into the Administration Building. The current court is below provincial standards and there are many structural issues with the building.

Construction on the new addition began in July, 2016. The project is expected to finish in the spring of 2018.

The Administration Building is located at 595 9th Avenue East in Owen Sound.

  • With POA below standards and the Administration Building aging, a Spaces Needs Review Task Force formed in 2011 to thoroughly explore solutions.
  • After years of review, an addition and renovation was recommended as the best solution.
  • In April 2015, County Council directed architects to create construction drawings.
  • A public tender opened for construction in May 2016. Devlan Construction LTD was awarded the project with a low bid of $10,643,000.
  • The total estimated cost for the project, including site work, HST, architect’s services and other fees, is $12.2 million.

Building Features

  • Easier public access to programs and services.
  • Designed to be accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.
  • New Provincial Offences Court with improved security and more space.
  • More multi-functional space, open to the public.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • New Council Chamber.
  • Enhanced environment for employee health and safety.

Project Cost

The total estimated cost of the project is $12.2 million. This figure includes construction, site work, architect’s services and other fees.

Grey County has been thoughtfully saving for the project for years. The remaining amount will be self-financed by borrowing from County reserves and repaying over 15 years.

Project Milestones

July 2016

Ground breaking

August 2016

Excavation for foundation

October 2016

Foundation poured

December 2016

Girders and second story floor installed

February 2017

Framed walls added to addition.

Spring and Summer 2017

Continued wiring and servicing.

August 2017

Drywall installed

September 2017

Painting and flooring.

October 2017

Finishing touches are made to the addition

November 2017

Services are moved into the addition; the first Council meeting held in the new chamber

November 2017

Renovations begin on the Administration Building

Additional milestones will be added as the project advances. The project is expected to be finished in early 2018.


  • The Grey County Administration Building was built in 1960.
  • The Provincial Offences Court (POA) building was constructed in 1967 for the former Grey County Museum.
  • POA moved into the current location in 2004.
Administration Building Presentation


Aaron Whitney
Technical Supervisor
Anne Marie Shaw
Director of Housing


Corporation of the County of Grey
595 9th Ave East
Owen Sound Ontario N4K 3E3
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.