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Road Conditions
Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Road Conditions / Closures FAQ

How are road conditions reported?

Road conditions come from two different sources. For County roads, conditions are reported by our patrol foremen who travel the roads and report the conditions back. For provincial highways, the conditions come directly from the Ministry of Transportation.  Their reports are pinpointed to their location and applied to the surrounding 10km radius.


Road is Bare

All wheels of a vehicle are on a bare surface.

Bare includes :

  • Bare and dry : most of the road surface is dry
  • Bare and wet : most of the road surface is wet

Bare and Dry
Bare and Dry

 Bare and Wet
Bare and Wet



Road is Partly Covered

Two wheels of a vehicle are on a bare surface.

Partly covered includes:
  • Partly snow covered : two wheels on bare surface and other wheels likely on loose snow
  • Partly snow packed : two wheels on bare surface and other wheels likely on snow bonded with the road
  • Partly ice covered : two wheels on bare surface and other wheels likely on ice

Partly Snow Covered
Partly Snow Covered

Partly Snow Packed
Partly Snow Packed



Road is Covered

All wheels of a vehicle are on snow or ice.

Covered includes :
  • Snow covered : all wheels are on loose snow
  • Snow packed : all wheels are on snow bonded to road
  • Ice covered : all wheels are on ice


Snow Covered
Snow Covered
Snow Packed
Snow Packed

Ice Covered



Why are some roads showing as not reported?

If an update has not been filed within 12 hours the road status will show as “not reported”. This doesn’t mean the road hasn’t been maintained or patrolled. Staff may not have submitted an update for this specific stretch of road for various reason, like widespread similar conditions.

Do the reported conditions always match the actual conditions?

In Grey County, weather and road conditions can change quickly within a few kilometers. We strive to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to inform drivers before heading out on the road. Actual conditions cannot be guaranteed.

Who has jurisdiction over my road?

There are four types of road systems located in Grey County.

  • Provincial Highways
  • County Roads
  • Local Municipal Roads
  • Private roads

Roads can be identified using Grey County’s GIS Maps.

Provincial Roads

There are five major highways in Grey County: 6, 10, 21, 26 and 89. These roads are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. Questions can be directed to the Owen Sound office at 519-376-7350.

County Roads

County roads are the responsibility of Grey County and are named numerically (Grey Road 1, Grey Road 2 etc).  Questions related to Grey County roads should be directed to 519-376-7337 or submitted by e-mail.

Local Municipal Roads

Local roads are the responsibility of Grey County’s nine member municipalities. Local roads have common names such as Henry Street, Concession 1, 3rd Line etc. For questions related to these roads, contact the local municipality.

Private Roads

Private roads are owned and maintained by individuals, groups of property owners, or businesses.  These are normally found in private developments, waterfronts or cottages.

How can I report road issue?

To report issues on a Grey County road you are best to call 519-376-7337. For issues on a Provincial highway (6, 10, 26, 21), please call 1-866-222-2640.  For local municipal roads (sideroads, concessions, in-town streets) contact the municipality.

How do I report a map issue or ask a question?

If you are having problems with the map, you find an error, or you have a question, please completing the Feedback Form.