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July 8, 2016

Grey County Council has a better understanding of its long-term care redevelopment options following a presentation from the Southwest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Julie Girard, Team Lead with the Southwest LHIN, presented to Council at the monthly County Council meeting on July 5.

“The presentation helped clarify the LHIN’s role in long-term care and what needs to be considered in redevelopment planning,” said Grey County Warden, Al Barfoot. “The Province has the final say in all long-term care redevelopment plans. It’s important to make sure we’re on the same page early on in this process.”

One of the Southwest LHIN’s responsibilities is fairly distributing long-term care beds and ensuring residents have equitable access to long-term care. Their goal is to achieve between 80-110 beds per 1000 people over the age of 75, within a 25km radius. According to their projections, moving the 100 beds from Rockwood Terrace in Durham to Grey Gables in Markdale may create fewer beds in the Hanover and Chesley communities than would be ideal. Moving the 66 beds from Grey Gables to a new location in Durham would maintain a good supply of beds in all areas but people from Markdale would need to travel to access long-term care. Rebuilding Rockwood Terrace at the same location or a new site in Durham would maintain the current access to beds.

The LHIN also discussed municipal and private sector partnerships.  Ideally the LHIN and Ministry want a balance of private and not-for-profit homes.

The full LHIN presentation is publicly available online at

“Council isn’t taking this decision lightly and we’re determined to make a decision that’s right for the people of Grey County,” said Warden Barfoot. “The next step is to figure out how long-term care redevelopment could affect Grey County communities and to reach out to the public for their feedback.”

In 2015, Grey County spent $2.14 million from the tax levy to operate Grey Gable and Rockwood Terrace.

For more information please contact:
Alan Barfoot, Grey County Warden
Lynne Johnson, Director of Long-Term Care
519‑372‑0219 ext. 2126.
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