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July 3, 2019

It’s the Human Connection

As Grey County’s public campaign for #TourismMattersInGrey continues throughout the summer, so does the support for local tourism. Grey County has formed a networking platform for its tourism professionals by creating initiatives around impactful connections within the tourism industry.

Allowing for local business owners, startups, and tourism service employees to connect on a level playing field has shown to be extremely beneficial to the county’s economic growth. As connections are made naturally through networking events and workshops, ideas and further meetings begin to unfold.

“We want to see tourism in Grey County grow. It’s our passion,” says Bryan Plumstead, Grey County’s Manager of Tourism. “Our recent Tourism Familiarization Tour is one way we’re helping. Earlier in June, we brought tourism operators, council members and other partners together for a day they won’t soon forget. These tours make connections, grow networks and allow guests to experience local attractions and learn from their peers.”

This year’s Fam Tour extended over two days and included locations such as the newly opened casual dining bistro The Grey on the lakefront of Thornbury, the soon-to-be open Spy Cider House and Distillery in The Blue Mountains, the newly opened Match Eatery & Public House in conjunction with Playtime Casino in Hanover, Owen Sound’s refillery and zero waste retail shop NakdBasics, the certified organic Sideroad Farm Store outside of Markdale, and many more amazing locations! (see locations listed below)

Fam Tour Day 1: Grey Roots Museum and Achieves, Inglis Falls, NakdBasics, Sizzlin, Match Eatery & Public House/Playtime Casino Hanover, Maclean’s Ales, and Sideroad Farm.

Fam Tour Day 2: Meaford Hall, Opal Wing Jewellery and Woodland Retreat, Rocky Shores Health & Wellness, Axed Throwing Club, The Grey, Thornbury Village Cider, and Spy Cider House and Distillery.

It’s one-on-one interactions that make all the difference to the tourism industry. Face-to-face meetings matter since tourism providers are in the business of people, of happiness, and of satisfaction. Hosting events that promote the growth of real human connections enhances Grey County’s standing within Ontario as a tourism destination. Helping those who are interested in learning about new business and communication skills ultimately shapes Grey County’s understanding of what is missing for our local professionals.

The recent ‘Introduction to Experience Development’ workshop – in partnership with RTO7 BruceGreySimcoe – brought Grey County businesses and individuals together. The participants learned about the progression of economic value, the steps in experience development, and how other people have used experiences to add value to their businesses.

These free events and workshops hosted by Grey County encourage the growth of tourism related knowledge. They also help to bring understanding to topics that participants are interested in. As with any work-related environment, friendships and partnerships naturally develop. This gives way to more connections. These ultimately are the helping hands our tourism industry members will turn to in the future. Although being social online is helpful (to some extent), economic development within our municipalities has never only been achieved through a screen. It usually starts with in-person interactions.

Throughout the years Grey County has understood that local passion drives local interest. This in turn motivates outside interest and outside actions. Tourism is about making connections and creating memorable experiences. It's important for Grey County to continue all networking and learning opportunities. This will help elevate the dedicated, and passionate, tourism professionals in our communities. Striving to create more, learn more, and connect more demonstrates that tourism does matter in Grey.

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For more information about Grey County’s Tourism Department, contact Bryan Plumstead, Manager of Tourism for Grey County, at bplumstead@visitgrey.ca or 519-376-3365 ext. 6110.

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