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November 20, 2019

Grey County is pleased to announce the appointment of Savanna Myers as director of the newly formed Economic Development, Tourism and Culture department.

Ms. Myers, who grew up in Hanover, joined Grey County in 2016 as the first manger of economic development. During her time, she has grown the department’s capabilities and has led many important initiatives. In 2017, Myers was awarded the Economic Development Council of Ontario’s Young Influencer of the Year award for the positive impact she has on her peers, the community and economic development.

“I’m delighted to welcome Savanna into this new role with Grey County,” said Grey County Chief Administrative Officer Kim Wingrove. “Savanna has proven time and again that she can get a job done and she can do it well. Savanna always rises to her challenges and inspires those around her on the way. We’re very excited to see what she will accomplish next in her new role.”

Grey County is committed to economic development and actively promotes our communities as great places to live, visit and do business. The new department is the lead for supporting the development of our regional economy through attracting and retention of business, growing the skilled labour force, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation, and promoting tourism and cultural experiences.

“Tourism and culture are important sectors of our economy. In her new role, Savanna will continue to grow these services and leverage the synergies between them,” says Wingrove.


For more information and media inquiries, please contact Rob Hatten, communications manager, at 519-372-0219 ext.1235 or 519-373-1592.

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