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County Roads

Information about Grey County road and bridge infrastructure, maintenance, construction and road conditions for the 887km of roads maintained by Grey County. 

Table of Contents

Conditions, Closures, Cameras

View the latest road conditions, roadside cameras, and our interactive map with details on construction, closures and conditions. 

Conditions, Closures, Cameras

Construction and Resurfacing

Learn about recent, active and upcoming construction and resurfacing projects. 

Construction and Resurfacing 

Road Permits and Forms

Information and various forms and permits, such as encroachment, driveway, oversize load and many more. 

Road Permits and Forms

Transportation Master Plan

Long-term plans for maintaining Grey County's county road network. 

Transportation Master Plan

Civic Addressing

A civic address (sometimes called a fire number) identifies your property for local emergency response. 

Civic Addressing

Living Snow Fence Program

Information about how landowners can be compensated for providing a living snow fence along a Grey County road. 
Living Snow Fence


Grey County Map Book

Map books are available for purchase for $7.17 + HST ($8.10).  Please contact Monica Scribner monica.scribner [at] (monica[dot]scribner[at]grey[dot]ca) if you are interested.

To download current Map Book pages, please click on the links below

INDEX (597 KB)

Blue Mountains (671 KB)
Chatsworth (757 KB)
Georgian Bluffs (912 KB)
Grey Highlands (1.46 MB)
Hanover (439 KB)
Meaford (684 KB)
Owen Sound (520 KB)
Southgate (771 KB)
West Grey (1.30 MB)

Other Grey County Road Information

There are four types of road systems located in Grey County.

  • Provincial Highways
  • County Roads
  • Local Municipal Roads
  • Private roads

Provincial Roads

There are five major highways in Grey County: 6, 10, 21, 26 and 89. These roads are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. Questions can be directed to the Owen Sound office at 519-376-7350.

County Roads

County roads are the responsibility of Grey County and are named numerically (Grey Road 1, Grey Road 2 etc).  Questions related to Grey County roads should be directed to 519-376-7337 or submitted by roads [at] (e-mail).

Local Municipal Roads

Local roads are the responsibility of Grey County’s nine member municipalities. Local roads have common names such as Henry Street, Concession 1, 3rd Line etc. For questions related to these roads, contact the local municipality.

Private Roads

Private roads are owned and maintained by individuals, groups of property owners, or businesses.  These are normally found in private developments, waterfronts or cottages.

Grey County winters can be challenging. Fortunately, County staff have the knowledge and technology needed to keep roads safe and respect the environment.

Here’s how Grey County uses road salt to melt ice during the winter.

  • All plows are equipped with special electronic controls that regulate how much salt is applied to the road.  Plow operators set these controls based on the current weather and road conditions so salt is applied efficiently.
  • All salt is treated with a liquid deicer so it works faster and at colder temperatures. It also helps salt stick to the road better when it lands and leaves behind a residue that prevents more snow and ice from forming.
  • Rubber mounted blades on plows clean road surfaces more aggressively so less salt is needed.
  • Every plow has a GPS to track salt usage and ensure it is being applied correctly.

The amount of salt used each year depends on weather conditions.  It can vary from as little as 10,000 tonnes to more than 18,000 tonnes. Grey County works hard to meet the minimum maintenance standards set by the Ministry of Transportation, and service the levels approved by Grey County Council. We will continue to explore new technologies to improve our salt management plan and practices.

Grey County is committed to keeping our roads safe for travelers. Grey County actively patrols roads to spot issues and make timely repairs, but sometimes potholes can develop quickly.

If you see a pothole on a County road that you believe needs repairs, you can report it by:

            Phone: 519-376-7337

            Email: roads [at] (roads[at]grey[dot]ca(link sends e-mail))

            Online Form: Available on

Please note that by reporting a pothole, you are not submitting a claim to the County.   

What causes a pothole?

Potholes are generally caused by significant freeze/thaw weather cycles that damage the road surface. During these freeze/thaw cycles, water seeps into cracks in the asphalt. Changes in the temperature and the vibration from vehicles, especially heavy vehicles, causes stress on the road which can then deteriorate and create a pothole.

Repairing potholes and meeting Minimum Maintenance Standards

Although we try to fix damage as soon as possible, Provincial “Minimum Maintenance Standards(link is external)” define how quickly repairs must be completed. The timing depends on the size of the pothole and the classification of the road. The Standards may be changed by the Province, but as of March 2019, they say:

  • Potholes must be at least 800 cmon class 2 roads or 1000 cm2 on Class 3&4 roads and at least 8 cm deep to be considered in a “state of disrepair”.
  • Potholes on higher speed roads and high-volume roads will be repaired within four days of being observed or reported.
  • Potholes on lower speed and volume roads will be repaired within 14 days.

Grey County regularly exceeds the Minimum Maintenance Standards.

Damage Claims

Grey County strives to repair road surface damage quickly and will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles or property if Provincial “Minimum Maintenance Standards for Highways” have been met. These standards are laid out in Ontario Regulation 239/02, issued by the Province under the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, c. 25, outlined above. 

rey County inspects trees and plant growth on our roads annually. Dead or dying trees, severely damaged trees and hazardous trees are flagged for removal to avoid personal injury and property damage.

Brushing operations are scheduled for various locations to help control growth that may make it hard to see. Brushing also helps with drainage and creates more space where snow is stored.

If you have questions about tree cutting or brushing, contact us roads [at] (subject: Tree%20Cutting%20and%20Brushing) ( sends e-mail)) or call 519-376-7337.

The Grey County Adopt A Road Program is a public service program where volunteers to pick up litter along County road sides. It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens, community groups, private businesses and industries to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Grey County. In addition to a cleaner environment, volunteers and organizations are recognized through signs along the roadside.

Road and volunteer safety is of primary importance in all County decisions related to the Adopt A Road program. Please read the “Adopt a Road” Procedure and then download and fill out and send us the “Adopt a Road” Agreement.

Grey County

Situated two hours north of Toronto, Grey County offers beauty you can’t get in the city.

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