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Speak to Council

Grey County encourages your input. This page explains how you can speak to County Council about a specific topic or concern. 

Table of Contents

Requesting a Delegation

If you, or a group you are a part of, wishes to speak about a certain topic at Council or Committee of the Whole, you can use the Delegation Request Form located below.  You can also contact Sarah Goldrup at 519-376-2205 ext.1376.

All requests to speak to council or committee must be received at least ten days prior to the meeting date. Exceptions to this time requirement may be approved by the Clerk. 

The Name(s) of all speakers and the presentation subject matter must be provided to staff to include in the agendas and minutes. 

Presentations are limited to 10 minutes. Any slides or written materials must be received ten days prior to the meeting and can be emailed to sarah.goldrup [at] (Sarah Goldrup).

Presentations to Council or Committee of the Whole may be refused if they are determined to be repetitive or outside of the County's jurisdiction.

Guidelines for Presentation Materials

The County of Grey is working to ensure that documents are accessible and easily understood by the public, Council members and staff.  When using visual aids, please be aware of the fonts and colours being used.  Below are a few basic tips to assist.

Tips for Accessible Presentations

  1. Font size 22 minimum (Helvetica, Arial and Verdana are accessible fonts)
  2. Avoid using ALL CAPS which are difficult to read; use Bold for emphasis, not italics or underline.
  3. When using Acronyms, write out the full version the first time it's used in a document
  4. Use Alt Text for all pictures and images
  5. Keep the number of words per slide to a minimum and use plain language
  6. Use high contrast colour combinations to improve accessibility for those individuals with low vision of colour blindness by avoiding these colour combinations:

Red and Green
Dark Grey and Black
Yellow on Blue Background

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

The personal information contained in communications directed to County Council or its Committees is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used to assist Council Members in their decision making process.  

Please be advised that communications addressed to County Council and its Committees will become part of the public record and will be placed on a public agenda made available through the County of Grey's website.

The County of Grey posts its minutes and agendas to the website and any information related to delegations, including names of presenters, will be included in the minutes and are public documents.

Questions about this collection should be addressed to the County Clerk at 595 9th Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 3E3 or by telephone at 519-376-2205.

Which method do you prefer to be contacted by?
Are you representing a group / organization?
Will you require use of the overhead projecting unit?
Will you be submitting written materials?

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