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By-laws are the primary legislative instrument of municipalities in Ontario

By-Law Category


Title Description
By-law 4949-16 Consolidated Development Charges County-Wide Roads and Related Charges Including By-law 5103-21 A By-Law to Establish Development Charges for the County Of Grey (County-Wide Roads and Related Charges)
By-law 4950-16 Consolidated Development Charges General Services Including By-law 5104-21 A By-Law to Establish Development Charges for the County of Grey (County-Wide General Services Charges)

Finance / Tax

Title Description
By-law 5090-20 Fees and Services A By-law to update the fees and services charges for the County of Grey
By-law 5108-21 Adopt 2021 Budget A By-law to Adopt Estimates of the Revenues and Expenditures for the Year 2021
By-law 5112-21 Tax Relief To provide for the cancellation of tax increases for the purposes of relieving financial hardship
By-law 5114-21 Adopt Options to Limit Taxes for Certain Property Classes A By-law to Adopt Municipal Options Related to Part IX of the Municipal Act, 2001; "Limitations on Taxes for Certain Property Classes
By-law 5115-21 Tax Policy Upper Tier A By-law to Establish Tax Policy and Levy Taxes for Upper Tier Purposes for the Year 2021

Grey County

Situated two hours north of Toronto, Grey County offers beauty you can’t get in the city, along with a lifestyle that is more relaxed and family oriented.

  • 595 9th Ave East Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 3E3
  • (519) 376-2205 | 1-800-567-4739