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Second Nature (Monterra South) Major Redline Revisions - The Blue Mountains

The applicants are proposing a major plan revision to amend the approved Draft Plan for Subdivision 42T-94004, known as Second Nature Phase 2 (Monterra South).  The revision proposes a revised road pattern and lot layout, referred to as a redlined revision.  In order to achieve these revisions an amendment to the zoning by-law is required from the Town of The Blue Mountains.  The redline revision proposes to increase the number of single detached units from 151 to 179 within Phase 2.  The applicant is also proposing a change to the Private Recreation block on the current draft approved plan.  The proposal is to reconfigure and rezone the Private Recreational block (Block 154) to residential.  Similar to the Second Nature Phase 1 application there is no plan for a homeowners association for this development so the recreation space is proposed to be eliminated for Phase 2.

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The Blue Mountains
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Scott Taylor
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Director of Planning
Planning and Development

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