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Saddler Street Subdivision

The proposed development would consist of a total of 56 new residential units, including three semi-detached homes, five blocks of townhouses (4 units each) and one larger block which is proposed to contain a 30-unit Vacant Land Condominium “small home” development. A stormwater management block is also proposed in the south-west corner of the subject lands. Access to the property is proposed from Saddler Street to the South, and Lambton Street East (Grey Road 4) to the north. Currently, the subject property is vacant. The northern portion of the property previously contained a railway corridor. The lands are designated ‘Primary Settlement Area’ in Schedule A of the County’s Official Plan and ‘Residential’ in the West Grey Official Plan. The application would not alter the County or West Grey Official plans. The Zoning By-Law Amendment would re-zone the lands to permit the proposed residential uses and stormwater management block, including reductions to the minimum front yard setback.

A draft zoning by-law and map are available to review for more detailed information regarding the proposed zoning. A number of studies have been submitted in support of the development, including an archaeological assessment, environmental impact study, functional servicing report, planning justification report, site grading plan, stormwater management report and a traffic impact study.

Public Meeting Date: August 13th, 2pm at the Municipality of West Grey office see Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting for further details.

File Number
42T-2024-02 and Zoning ZA06.2024
Municipality of West Grey
Staff Contact
Becky Hillyer
Job Title
Senior Planner
Planning and Development

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