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Forbes Quarry Expansion

The subject lands are approximately 165.84 hectares (409.8 acres) in size and feature an existing quarry operation. The owners want to expand the existing quarry operation, which would increase the licensed area from approximately 12.5 hectares (31 acres) to 87.85 hectares (217.08 acres). Of this, 56.88 hectares (140.55 acres) would be for extraction purposes. The applicants are seeking permission to extract aggregate below the water table. Extraction is proposed to occur over three phases. The site would be progressively rehabilitated into large lake or pond features following each extraction phase.

The existing quarry is licensed to extract up to 100,00 tonnes of aggregate per year. This would not increase through the proposed expansion.


The lands are designated as ‘Rural’ and ‘Hazard Lands’ in Schedule A of the County’s Official Plan; and partially designated ‘Mineral Resource Extraction Area’ on Schedule B. The purpose and effect of the proposed Official Plan Amendment would be to expand the ‘Mineral Resource Extraction Area’ designation to encompass the proposed license area, being 87.85 hectares in extent.

The lands are currently zoned as ‘Rural’ (RU), ‘Environmental Protection’ (EP), and “Extractive Industrial’ (MX-2) with a special provision to permit a ready-mix plant and office within an existing dwelling. The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would implement the Official Plan Amendment and amend the Township’s Zoning By-law by expanding the Extractive Industrial zoning to encompass the proposed licensed area. The area of the existing quarry is proposed to be used for processing aggregate material on site.

Schedule C of the County’s Official Plan identifies an ecological ‘Core Area’ and ‘Linkage’ feature on the subject lands; and Appendix B indicates large areas of ‘Significant Woodlands,’ a water course and unevaluated wetlands. The operations plan proposes to remove approximately 21 hectares of forested area over the life span of the operation, to facilitate extraction. Appendix A identifies a large area of karst topography over the proposed extraction area.

The subject lands currently contain two single detached dwellings and accessory structures. As part of the development, the dwelling on the southern portion of the property would be removed, while the house on the eastern portion would be retained. Acoustic berms are proposed along the perimeter of the licensed area, to reduce noise and visual impacts for surrounding properties.

A variety of studies have been undertaken to support the subject applications, including a planning justification report, karst assessment, environmental impact study, hydrogeological study, archaeological assessment and noise study. 

Public Meeting Date: July 10, 2024 at 5pm, Georgian Bluffs. See the linked Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting for additional information.

File Number
42-03-620-OPA 19 & Z-09-23
Township of Georgian Bluffs
Staff Contact
Becky Hillyer
Job Title
Senior Planner
Planning and Development

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