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Dundalk Cemetery Lands OPA 20, LOPA 2-23, C19-23

The Township of Southgate is proposing to adjust development permissions on the northern portion of the existing Maplegrove Cemetery property in Dundalk, which is currently vacant and unused. The proposal includes three applications under the Planning Act; including an amendment to Grey County’s Official Plan, the Township of Southgate Official Plan, and the Township’s Zoning By-Law.

The proposed County Official Plan Amendment seeks to re-designate approximately 0.87 ha (2.15 acres) of land from ‘Rural’ to ‘Primary Settlement Area,’ while the Township Official Plan would re-designate the same area from ‘Rural’ to ‘Neighbourhood Area.’ The purpose of the Zoning By-Law Amendment is to re-zone approximately 2.29 ha (5.67 acres) of the subject lands to match the existing zone regulations to the north, which were finanlized through a Minister’s Zoning Order. The retained lands (which include the existing cemetery use) will remain unchanged.

The effect of this proposal will be to expand the Settlement Area of Dundalk by 0.87 hectares. The Township aims to undertake a land swap, such that the subject lands will eventually be added to the lands to the north which were rezoned through a Ministers’ Zoning Order (MZO) for the development of a residential subdivision. The zoning change would alter the zoning from Community Facility (which facilitates the existing cemetery use) to ‘Residential Exception (RX-XX),’ which would facilitate residential development, subject to further site-specific approval.

File Number
OPA 42-07-060-OPA-20
Township of Southgate
Staff Contact
Becky Hillyer
Job Title
Senior Planner
Planning and Development

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