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Blue Meadows Plan of Subdivision

The County has received a plan of subdivision application, known as the Blue Meadows development (County file number 42T-2022-02) to create blocks of land for ninety-eight (98) residential rowhouse units, two (2) commercial buildings with ground-floor commercial with a total of seventy-five (75) residential units above, and eighteen (18) live/work freehold rowhouse units with commercial on the ground floor and two-storey residential units above. In addition to the residential and commercial units, parkland dedication, a community garden, internal streets, and a stormwater management facility would also be created. The subject lands are designated as ‘Primary Settlement Area’ with a small portion of ‘Hazard Lands’ in the County Official Plan. The Primary Settlement Area designation permits new commercial and residential development. A zoning by-law amendment application has also been submitted to the Town of The Blue Mountains for this proposed development. The purpose of the zoning by-law amendment application is to implement the plan of subdivision by rezoning a portion of the lands south of Louisa Street from Residential Density One ‘R1-1’, Development ‘D’, and Hazard ‘H’ to Residential Density Two ‘R2’, Open Space ‘OS’, and Hazard ‘H’ to permit a residential Plan of Subdivision and Open Space area. The application proposes to rezone a portion of the lands north of Louisa Street from Residential Density One ‘R1-1’, Development ‘D’, and Hazard ‘H’ to Commercial Exception ‘C1’-XX, Open Space ‘OS’, and Hazard ‘H’ to permit a commercial development.

File Number
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Scott Taylor
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Director of Planning
Planning and Development

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