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Ontario Works Application


Please complete the online form located here - Apply Online (link is external)
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What is a Trustee?

All 16 & 17 year old applicants must arrange for a trustee to be present at their application meeting and all other Ontario Works appointments.

A trustee is an adult who is responsible for managing the financial assistance issued to someone under the age of 18 receiving social assistance with integrity and in good faith. Trustees ensure that all necessary expenses are paid in a timely manner (e.g. rent is paid on time).

Selecting a person as a trustee cannot place them in a conflict of interest (i.e. landlord).

Trustees might include family members, responsible adult friends, community agency employees, representatives of a religious organization or lawyers.

Social Services staff have the right to deny a trustee selection that does not meet these criteria and is not working in the best interest of the applicant.

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Step 3 of 6 Third Screen

Date of Birth *
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Step 4 of 6 Fourth Screen

Date of Birth
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Step 5 of 6 Household Income and Assets

If you have multiple vehicles, etc - make sure to add all additional vehicles
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Step 6 of 6 Sixth Screen

Part of applying for social assistance in Ontario includes agreeing to let us check any information that may affect your eligibility.

We will check with agencies and programs that may have information about your circumstances. Some examples include:

  • Employment Insurance
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Credit bureaus, such as Equifax or Trans Union

We would like to start checking your information before your appointment. This will help us process your application more quickly.

All of the information on the application is true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

I/We consent to personal information being collected from and/or disclosed to Grey County.

I/We consent to Grey County contacting me/us by electronic data exchange including text message and email to arrange an appointment with an Ontario Works Caseworker. 

After submission, please make sure to check your email for further information.
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