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Rockwood terrace site plan

Grey County is redeveloping Rockwood Terrace in Durham. A new facility is being built to expand services for seniors. The new home will be larger, and will include 128 long-term care beds, 40 assisted living units and a Market Square community space. The new home will be located beside the existing building in Durham.

Key Services and Features

Long-Term Care

The Rockwood Terrace Redevelopment plan includes 128 long-term care beds.

Long-term care provides residents with accommodation and access to 24-hour nursing and personal care. Residents generally require help with most daily activities and require a referral from a doctor to be eligible for placement into a long-term care home.

Long-term care services at Rockwood Terrace include:

  • 24-hour nursing care and a medical doctor regularly visiting the home and on call
  • Personal care and assistance with hygiene and bathing
  • Healthy living, recreation, and socialization
  • Nutritious meals
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Medical and clinical supplies

The Ontario Government pays for nursing and personal care in long-term care homes. Residents pay for accommodation.

Assisted Living

The Rockwood Terrace Redevelopment plan includes 40 units of assisted living.

Assisted living facilities, often referred to as retirement homes, provide a place to live and some care services. Assisted living is not funded by the Provincial government and residents pay the full cost of accommodation and any care services they require.  Some service may include:

  • Meals
  • Assistance with personal hygiene and bathing
  • Dementia care
  • Medication assistance
  • Other

Unlike long-term care, assisted living does not require a referral. There are no eligibility requirements to live in an assisted living home.

Village Square

The planned Village Square will be in the centre of the new Rockwood Terrace. It will be a community space where people can come together and a place to access retail and other services. Vendors and service providers in the community will have an opportunity to rent space in the Village Square. At this time there are no tenants identified.

Long-Term Care Design Principles

Resident experience is central to all planning and design of the home.  We engaged with residents, family members, and staff working in the home to ensure our designs will work for everyone in the home.  These are the four key design principals we considered.

Resident Room Design
  • Ensure resident privacy by creating individual space (even in a basic room with a shared bathroom).
  • Room design supports infection prevention and outbreak isolation practices.
  • Limit sound and odour transmission.
  • Provide visual privacy by minimizing shared sightlines (residents can’t see one another in the washroom or when receiving care).
  • Support staff safety (providing adequate space on either side of the toilet to support care)
Dining Room Enhancements
  • Larger dining room to support two smaller 16-resident dining spaces to create a more pleasurable dining experience with less noise and more community feel.
  • Space to support safe storage of wheelchairs and walkers
Infection Control
  • Improved laundry system separating dirty and clean laundry through barrier washers (dirty laundry goes into a machine dirty in one room and comes out clean in a separate room).
  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) is more easily supported through room design.
  • Laundry chutes minimize contaminated laundry travelling through the building.
Community Feeling
  • Nooks and seating alcoves for residents to gather for visits with each other or guests (indoors and outdoors).
  • Cognitive stimulation stations.
  • Barrier free paths of travel with no dead ends.
  • Natural walking routes to support residents who enjoy wandering.
  • No resident rooms at the end of a path to decrease residents wandering into someone else’s room.

Funding Redevelopment

Early estimates of the redevelopment project are $108 million. The project capital costs will be funded over 25 years through a combination of Provincial funding, Grey County reserves, and tax levy.

Actual project costs will not be known until a tender has been issued.

Long-Term Care

The Province will cover approximately 30% of the cost of constructing 128 long-term care beds. Grey County will receive an annual transfer over 25 years. The County is required to secure a loan to pay for full construction costs up front.

Assisted Living

There is no Provincial Funding to support the cost of building the assisted living units. These units will be funded through County taxes; however, once occupied, resident rent and service fees will provide revenue to the County. 

Village Square

The cost of constructing the village square will be funded through County taxes. Like with assisted living, tenant rents will provide revenue to Grey County once spaces are occupied.

Next Steps

  1. Design Activities (completion April 2023)
  2. Tender (end of 2023)
  3. Construction (2023 – 2025)
  4. Project Substantial Completion (Q4 2025)


Long Term Care
Rockwood Terrace

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