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A long term care resident sits in a wheel chair next to a window and is assisted by a healthcare professional

Grey County is making important changes long-term care.  Rockwood Terrace, the County’s 100-bed long-term care home located in Durham needs to be redeveloped by 2025 to meet Provincial licensing requirements.

Grey County Council is requesting provincial support to redevelop Rockwood Terrace as a 128-bed facility. In addition, Grey County is asking the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for more bed licenses to increase access to long-term care services in our communities.


Long-Term Care Redevelopment Facts

The needs of long-term care residents are becoming more complex and Ministry regulations have changed in response. A redeveloped Rockwood Terrace will provide the high-quality long-term care services our residents require.

The process we've followed

  • In 2016, Grey County hired experienced long-term care consultants to examine the County’s long-term care needs and redevelopment options.
  • A report was shared with Council in April 2016 outlining the financial impact of three scenarios: rebuilding Rockwood Terrace as is, combining the beds from Rockwood Terrace and Grey Gables into a new home in Durham, combining the beds from Rockwood Terrace and Grey Gables into a new home in Markdale.
  • County staff continued to thoroughly examine the County’s redevelopment options. In March 2017, a staff report recommended merging the beds from Rockwood Terrace and Grey Gables into a 166-bed long-term care home in Durham. This recommendation considered access to care, affordability for ratepayers and effectiveness of operation. 
  • In March of 2017, the County hosted two public meetings to outline the proposal and answer questions. Public feedback was collected at the meetings, by phone, mail and internet.
  • An information report was presented to County Council on May 11, 2017 summarizing public comments received.
  • In a recorded vote on May 25, 2017, the majority of County Council supported the merger of the two homes as the best solution for addressing the County’s long-term care needs.  With this decision, a 166-bed home was to be built in Durham and Grey Gables would be sold to an assisted living provider. Proceeds would support building the new home.
  • The County’s redevelopment proposal was sent to MOHLTC for consideration in September of 2017. No decision was taken on the application by the previous government.

What to expect next

  • The County will submit a revised redevelopment application for Rockwood Terrace to the Ministry for review and approval.
  • Grey County will write to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requesting consideration for additional beds for public and private providers in Grey County. The Long-Term Care Committee of Management will discuss the best way to distribute any additional beds between County homes.
  • Construction of a new home in Durham, and any approved expansions of existing homes, is still years away.
  • Grey County will keep the public and its staff informed of all progress made on the redevelopment discussion.
  • The provision of excellent long-term care to the residents of our homes will continue to be our priority.
  • On April 18, 2018 the Liberal government announced new long-term care bed licenses. This promise was echoed by the three major parties running in the 2018 Provincial election.
  • Council, in a second recorded vote May 10, 2018, maintained its decision to build a 166-bed home in Durham as the best solution for Grey County.
  • On October 23, municipal elections were held across Ontario and a new Grey County Council was elected. New and returning councillors took office on December 2, 2018.
  • On January 22, 2019, councillors participated in a long-term care education session to learn about the history of the long-term care redevelopment process and challenges facing the County’s long-term care operations.
  • On January 24, 2019, the new Grey County Council rescinded the decision to merge the two homes.  Council chose to continue operating three homes to provide access to care in the County. Council also directed staff to ask the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for 90 additional bed licenses.


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