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A viewing platform overlooking Georgian Bay from a Grey County trail.

Grey County owns approximately 8,500 acres of forest (45 individual forest properties) and 77 km of CP Rail Trail from Owen Sound to Dundalk. These forests and their recreational trails are enjoyed by many people for a variety of activities. Some activities include hiking, mountain biking, birding, and, in some specific locations, ATVing and snowmobiling.

Grey County is completing a Recreational Trails Master Plan to help us manage our trails and plan for the future. Through this plan, we are documenting trail needs and prioritizing future trail projects and management practices.

We are committed to using an inclusive planning process. As we complete the Recreational Trails Master Plan, we will work with stakeholders and the community to discuss all needs and concerns of different groups and trail users. This will include discussions about what activities should be allowed in each County forests. Grey County forests and trails are for everyone to enjoy and we need to ensure trail activities are compatible as users share the trail.

We are open to listening to your feedback in many ways.  Multiple public open houses were held in the fall of 2017 to allow the public to make comments. Feedback can also be shared by emailing, or calling Sarah Johnson, Intermediate Planner, at 519-372-0219 ext.1241.  


Draft Plan available for review

On June 13, 2019, Council received the first draft of the Recreational Trails Master Plan. along with a staff report about the project.  Download the draft plan by clicking the button below. Send your comments to or Sarah Johnson at 519-372-0219 ext.1241.   A public open house will be scheduled in July 2019 as another option for providing feedback. 

Draft Recreational Trails Master Plan

RTMP Staff Report


To stay up to date with the Trails Master Plan, be sure to visit this webpage regularly.  You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications about upcoming meetings, feedback opportunities and draft documents.



Planning and Development

Other Programs & Initiatives


A community paramedic tests the vital signs of a patient in their home.

From 2015-2017, Grey County paramedics embarked on a two-year clinical trial to study the effectiveness of community paramedicine in reducing emergency room visits by chronic disease patients.

Redeveloping Long-Term Care

A long term care resident sits in a wheel chair next to a window and is assisted by a healthcare professional

Grey County is making important changes long-term care.  Rockwood Terrace, the County’s 100-bed long-term care home located in Durham needs to be redeveloped by 2025 to meet Provincial licensing requirements.

Recolour Grey

People walk down a path in the park.

Recolour Grey is the name of Grey County’s update of the County Official Plan.  After three years of public engagement, drafts, revisions and reviews, Recolour Grey was approved by the Province on June 6, 2019. 

Local Food Strategic Plan

Local Food Strategic Plan

Grey County is developing a Local Food Strategic Plan to identify ways of supporting local food projects. Our goal is to understand how food businesses operate with each other, to develop resources and encourage co-operation and partnerships in the sector.