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Dozens of hands raised in the air painted the colours of national flags from around the world.

Newcomers are an important part of our communities in Grey County. Coming from outside of the country or from other areas of Canada, newcomers bring culture, skills and knowledge to our communities and workplaces.

New to Grey is a 15-month initiative funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration aimed at attracting and retaining newcomers in Grey County.

Retaining Newcomers

Grey County is laying the foundation for our region to better retain newcomers.

Step 1 – Environmental scan of the County and local businesses.

Step 2 – Celebrating the diversity that already exists.

Step 3 – Stakeholder engagement, community workshops and tours.

Step 4 – Attraction and retention toolkits and other resources for communities, employers and newcomers.


Forming Partnerships

Grey County can’t create welcoming communities and attract newcomers alone. Throughout New to Grey, we will engage with our local municipalities, businesses and community groups and organizations.  and other stakeholders. Partners and projects include:

Newcomer Centre of Peel

Grey County is working with the Rural Employment Initiative arm of the newcomer Centre of Peel, in Mississauga. This provincially-funded project is responding to the demand of newcomers living in the Peel Region and looking to build lives in rural communities. 

On February 28, Grey County hosted more than 30 newcomers on a community tour of Grey County. The group attended a workshop at Blue Mountain and then made their way to the 2018 Regional Job Fair in Owen Sound.

A group of delegates from the Peel Newcomer centre poses for a picture at Blue Mountain.


“Making Grey Bruce Home” pilot project

Grey County is partnering with the United Way Bruce Grey and the Welcoming Communities Committee on their project “Making Grey Bruce Home.” Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, this project’s goal is to develop a model of providing support services for refugees and vulnerable newcomers.

Why choose Grey County?

Grey County offers rewarding career opportunities and a quality of life unlike any other area in Ontario. Some reasons newcomers are choosing Grey County include:

  • Jobs
  • Business opportunities
  • Affordable living and attainable housing
  • Quality of life
  • Natural landscapes and tranquil scenic views
  • No traffic
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Grey County is a welcoming community that helps create a sense of belonging

Why is New to Grey important?

Year after year, research such as the EmployerOne Survey shows a growing gap in the availability of skilled workers in our region. Employers can’t find enough workers with the skills they need for their business. Attracting new skilled workers to the area will help Grey County as a whole prosper.

Grey County is positioned well for attracting newcomers. Housing prices in urban areas are rising and working families are looking for affordable communities to make home. Additionally, our local Georgian College campus in Owen Sound has seen a dramatic increase in International students in their programs in recent years. Attracting newcomers is only step one. New to Grey will also help us keep newcomers in our community by connecting them with the supports they need to plant their roots in Grey County.



Economic Development, Tourism and Culture

Other Programs & Initiatives

Connected County

A room full of supports at the Top7 Intelligent Communities event at Cobble Beach

Explore this page to learn more what makes an intelligent community.  Read about key projects happening throughout our region and stay up to date on the latest news.

Alpha Street Revitalization

Housing units back patio

The Alpha Street housing community in Owen Sound is one of Grey County’s largest affordable housing properties. Originally built in the 1969, the homes were showing their age. 

Coordinated Rural Transportation

A driver helps an elderly man into an awaiting Home and Community support services van.

Pilot Closed

The rural transportation pilot project ended in December 2018, but we are continuing to explore more opporunities for rural transportation in Grey County. More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

Age-Friendly Communities Study

Aerial shot of downtown Durham

We want Grey County to be inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. We recently partnered with students from the University of Guelph to look at policies that better support youth and older adults.

Green in Grey - Natural Environment Study

View of a lush green landscape from atop a lookout.

Grey County recently completed a Natural Heritage Study we called Green in Grey. The study identified key natural areas and linkages and recommended policies related to these features.


A community paramedic tests the vital signs of a patient in their home.

From 2015-2017, Grey County paramedics embarked on a two-year clinical trial to study the effectiveness of community paramedicine in reducing emergency room visits by chronic disease patients.

Recolour Grey

People walk down a path in the park.

Recolour Grey is the name of Grey County’s update of the County Official Plan.  After three years of public engagement, drafts, revisions and reviews, Recolour Grey was approved by the Province on June 6, 2019. 

Local Food Strategic Plan

Local Food Strategic Plan

Grey County is developing a Local Food Strategic Plan to identify ways of supporting local food projects. Our goal is to understand how food businesses operate with each other, to develop resources and encourage co-operation and partnerships in the sector.