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Community Paramedicine is a newer form of healthcare that shifts paramedic into a proactive role of assessing, monitoring and treating patients in their homes. Grey County is piloting a series or community paramedicine programs aimed at improving resident health and reducing admissions to local hospitals. Most of these programs focus on residents living with chronic diseases and vulnerable people without easy access to primary healthcare.

Paramedic Referral

The paramedic referral program supports Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care (2012). Patients over 65 who call 911 for non-emergency assistance are screened by paramedics using the ‘PERIL’ assessment tool. If the patient is determined to be at risk in their home the paramedic will offer  a referral to the LHIN Homecare Program.

Community Visitation Program

The Community Paramedic Home Visit Program uses highly skilled community paramedics to monitor and treat patients in the comfort of their own home. In-home treatment can help prevent a medical condition from progressing to a point where a hospital visit is necessary. This program focuses on patients with the chronic conditions diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). This program benefits patients with access to transportation who find it difficult or impossible to attend regular appointments. The Community Paramedics have received advance training through Centennial College and work closely with each patient’s primary care practitioner. They can consult with an on-call physician after hours and on weekends to provide care.

A community paramedic tests the vital signs of a patient in their home.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The Remote Patient Monitoring program involves patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or congestive heart failure who make multiple 911 calls or visits to the emergency room (at least three) within a year. Community Paramedics can provide oversight of patients using a remote monitoring system that records health data (pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood sugar and weight). If a patients data falls outside of a threshold, Community Paramedics are notified and can check in.

Community Clinics

CP@Clinics is a research program in partnership with researchers from McMaster University Department of Family Medicine, Grey County paramedics, Grey County Housing and Grey Bruce Links.  Older adults are invited to free weekly clinics where paramedics conduct blood pressure, diabetes and fall risk assessments.  Paramedics provide health education and promote community programs and resources to participants.  If necessary, patients can be referred to their primary care practitioner.

In Grey County, CP@Clinics are held in select community housing buildings. Grey County Housing staff also attend these meetings to provide resources to attendees and to promote healthy living initiatives, such as the Good Food Box program.

Staff Contact(s)

Kevin McNab
Director of Paramedic Services

Other Programs & Initiatives

Climate Change Action Plan

aerial photo of the beaver valley in the fall full of colours

Grey County is developing a Climate Change Action Plan to understand the impacts of climate change and reduce our green house gas emissions.

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Bruce and Grey Community Safety and Well-Being Planning

The majority of municipalities of Bruce and Grey have come together with community partners to undertake Community Safety and Well-Being Planning.

Grey County Cycling and Trails Master Plan

Family cycling in Grey County

Grey County is developing a long-term, comprehensive Cycling and Trails Master Plan to guide future planning and decision-making to enhance cycling and trail opportunities within the County and its local municipalities.

New to Grey

Dozens of hands raised in the air painted the colours of national flags from around the world.

Newcomers are an important part of our communities in Grey County. Coming from outside of the country or from other areas of Canada, newcomers bring culture, skills and knowledge to our communities and workplaces.

2018 Municipal Election

Grey county logo and local municipal logos

The 2018 Municipal Election and School Board election is Monday, October 22. For information about your local election, please visit your local municipality’s website.

Recreational Trails Master Plan

A viewing platform overlooking Georgian Bay from a Grey County trail.

Grey County has completed the Recreational Trails Master Plan. This Plan is to help the County manage our forests and trails and plan for the future.

Connected County

A room full of supports at the Top7 Intelligent Communities event at Cobble Beach

Explore this page to learn more what makes an intelligent community.  Read about key projects happening throughout our region and stay up to date on the latest news.

Alpha Street Revitalization

Housing units back patio

The Alpha Street housing community in Owen Sound is one of Grey County’s largest affordable housing properties. Originally built in the 1969, the homes were showing their age.