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Planning and Development Studies 

With land use planning policies always evolving, studies help planning staff and Grey County Council make informed decisions when policy changes are needed. 

Grey County has various ongoing or recently completed studies that will be considered when future updates are made to the official plan. Many of these studies may be of interest or value to the public. 

Affordable/Attainable Housing Strategy  

County planning staff partnered with students from the University of Guelph in the Spring of 2018 to look at key affordable and attainable housing issues common in rural communities and to provide recommendations in order to further implement planning policies and better inform a local housing strategy for Grey County. 

Affordable/Attainable Housing Strategy 

Age-Friendly Communities Study 

As part of Recolour Grey, we partnered with students from the University of Guelph to look at policies that better support youth and older adults. For this study, students reviewed findings from other communities and reached out to the Grey County community for feedback. The study was endorsed by Grey County Council in the spring of 2017 and findings were included in the newest version of the County’s official plan (2019). 

Age-Friendly Communities Study 

Aggregate Master Plan 

The County of Grey is one of the largest Counties in the Province of Ontario with many diverse natural resources. In the development of the County’s Official Plan (1997), provincially significant mineral aggregates were identified as an area that required further study. The Aggregate Master Plan was accepted by the Planning and Community Development Committee at the October 16, 2004 meeting and was implemented through a County Official Plan Amendment. The intent of the Aggregate Master Plan was to identify the location of areas of sand and gravel deposits that are appropriate for protection.  

Aggregate Resources Inventory Master Plan 2004 (8667KB) 

Figures (Aggregate Resource Inventory Master Plan 2004)   

Climate Change Action Plan 

The CCAP is a comprehensive strategy that will focus on identifying strategies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve energy efficiency. As Grey County’s population continues to grow, it is important to understand how we can best manage future growth in a sustainable manner. This will help us mitigate potential impacts to our environmental, economic, social, and infrastructural systems.  

Climate Change Action Plan 

Green in Grey 

Grey County recently completed a Natural Heritage Study we called Green in Grey. The study identified key natural areas and linkages and recommended policies related to these features. Many of the natural heritage features and linkages we found already existed in our mapping. The study was conducted following changes in the Provincial Policy Statement in 2014 and policy directive that was implemented in the County’s Official Plan in 2010. 

Green In Grey study 

Growth Management Strategy Update 

A Growth Management Strategy uses current statistics and trends to predict what the County’s residential growth and employment will look like 25 years from now.  This study is valuable for ensuring lands are designated to meet the County’s long-term needs. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment. 

Grey County Growth Growth Management Strategy Update - Hemson Consulting Ltd. 2018 

Grey County Growth Growth Management Strategy Update - Hemson Consulting Ltd. 2015 

Grey County Growth Management Study Strategy Report 2008 

Grey County Growth Management Strategy Allocations & Issues Report 2008 

Historic Landfills Study 

Understanding where historic and abandoned landfill sites are located is important for environmental reasons and public safety. In 2015, Grey County completed the historic landfill study to better understand and document landfill sites in the region. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment. 

Grey County Closed Landfill Assessment - Azimuth Environmental 

Minimum Agricultural Lot Sizes Study 

The County of Grey Official Plan maps and protects farmland across the County.  Within the Plan the policies define a minimum farm lot size.  Based on the changing nature of farming, the County wanted to investigate whether or not the current farm lot sizes are sufficient, or if changes should be made.  Students from the University of Waterloo Masters Planning program completed this study on behalf of the County.  The County will use this study to inform future policy changes and agricultural initiatives. 

Grey County Minimum Agricultural Lot Sizes Study - 2016 

On-farm Business Policy Review 

On-farm businesses can be valuable sources of secondary income for farmers and have a positive impact on the local economy. Through the policy review, Grey County seeks to develop clear policies to encourage on-farm business development in ways that don’t negatively impact agriculture or neighbouring farms. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment. 

Final Report - Grey County - On-Farm Business Policy Review 2015 



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