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Land use planning policies are always evolving and studies help planning staff and Grey County Council make informed decisions when policy changes are needed.

Grey County has various ongoing or recently completed studies that will be considered when future updates are made to the official plan.  Many of these studies may be of interest or value to the public.

If you have questions about these studies or Grey County’s Planning and Development studies, please contact the Planning Department

Minimum Agricultural Lot Sizes Study

The County of Grey Official Plan maps and protects farmland across the County.  Within the Plan the policies define a minimum farm lot size.  Based on the changing nature of farming, the County wanted to investigate whether or not the current farm lot sizes are sufficient, or if changes should be made.  Students from the University of Waterloo Masters Planning program completed this study on behalf of the County.  The County will use this study to inform future policy changes and agricultural initiatives.

Grey County Minimum Agricultural Lot Sizes Study - 2016

Growth Management Strategy Update

A Growth Management Strategy uses current statistics and trends to predict what the County’s residential growth and employment will look like 25 years from now.  This study is valuable for ensuring lands are designated to meet the County’s long-term needs. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment.

Grey County Growth Growth Management Strategy Update - Hemson Consulting Ltd. 2015

Grey County Growth Management Study Strategy Report 2008

Grey County Growth Management Strategy Allocations & Issues Report 2008

Historic Landfills Study

Understanding where historic and abandoned landfill sites are located is important for environmental reasons and public safety. In 2015, Grey County completed the historic landfill study to better understand and document landfill sites in the region. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment.

Grey County Closed Landfill Assessment - Azimuth Environmental

On-farm Business Policy Review

On-farm businesses can be valuable sources of secondary income for farmers and have a positive impact on the local economy.  Through the policy review, Grey County seeks to develop clear policies to encourage on-farm business development in ways that don’t negatively impact agriculture or neighbouring farms. Results of study will form part of a future County Official Plan amendment.

Final Report - Grey County - On-Farm Business Policy Review 2015

Aggregate Master Plan

The County of Grey is one of the largest Counties in the Province of Ontario with many diverse natural resources. The County is blessed with many economic factors including agriculture, tourism and industry. The aggregate industry within Grey County has been, for many years, very strong, primarily due to the abundance of significant aggregate resources.

The County, in the development of its Official Plan, identified aggregate as an area that required further study. The Official Plan states: The County shall develop Terms of Reference in consultation with the concerned municipalities and representatives of the aggregate industry within six months from the date of final approval of this Plan by the Ontario Municipal Board with a view to completing the master plan in three years from the date of final approval of this plan by the Ontario Municipal Board. The Official Plan recommends the master plan be implemented by way of an Official Plan Amendment either by way of an amendment to the County Official Plan or a local Official Plan.

The Master Plan must work towards protecting and managing this Provincially Significant resource to ensure that the public interest of the people of Ontario is being met.

The Plan was accepted by the Planning and Community Development Committee at the October 16,2004 meeting. The County's next step will be the preparation of a County Official Plan Amendment to address the findings of the report.

Use the links below to view the plan along with supporting maps.

Maps (all files are in PDF format)

What is the “Aggregate Inventory Master Plan”?

The Aggregate Inventory Master Plan is a study of the quality and quantity of aggregate resources plus the factors which may influence the potential use of these resources in the foreseeable future in Grey County. Factors potentially affecting the use of the resource include agriculture, environmental concerns, ground and surface water, social factors, transportation and economics.

How Does This Study Affect You?

As with any planning study, the Aggregate Inventory Master Plan Study affects all residents of Grey County. Aggregate resources are vital for the ongoing maintenance and future development of roads and buildings - the very infrastructure of our lives. We cannot choose where these aggregate resources exist - we can only choose whether or not they will be extracted. Therefore, it is important we understand where the resource exists and what other factors exist to limit or preclude development of the aggregate resource. In this way we can identify the aggregate resource reserves worthy of protection for future use. The location of these aggregate reserves may or may not impact you directly. We want you to know either way, and have the opportunity to be part of the process.

Who was Involved with the Study?

Grey County retained a consulting group to carry out the Study that consisted of Jagger Hims Limited., Skelton, Brumwell & Associates Inc., C. N. Watson and Associates Limited, and ESG International. The consultants worked through the Study in conjunction with a Public Liaison Group that represented the interests of the public, the County, and specific Government agencies. Representatives were from the following groups; Public at Large (openings still available), Aggregate Producers, Grey County, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Conservation Authority and local Municipalities. The project was coordinated by Ron Glenn, former Senior Planner, Grey County Planning and Development.

What did the Study involve?

The Study was divided into three stages: (1) Data Collection; (2) Analysis and (3) Study Findings. Public participation was involved throughout the Study. The Data collection stage focused on identifying aggregate resources, environmental features, agricultural land base, ground and surface water features, haul routes and cultural heritage resources. Additionally, planning documents were reviewed and social impacts considered. An aggregate market analysis was undertaken and fiscal and economic impacts were studied. The Analysis stage focused on bringing together the data collected in Stage 1 and assessing the implications of the information. The Study Findings were summarized, integrating large amounts of data into a series of maps, and accompanying text, with recommendations.

What will happen to the Results of the Study?

The Official Plan recommends the master plan be implemented by way of an Official Plan Amendment either by an amendment to the County Official Plan by Amendment(s). The results of the Aggregate Inventory Master Plan will provide recommendations for an aggregate resource designation and policy. The County will then use these recommendations in preparation of the Official Plan Amendment.

Who can I contact for further information?

For further information, please contact the County Planning and Development Department at: (519) 376-2205 or 1-800-567-4739, Fax: (519) 376-7970, Email:


Scott Taylor
Senior Planner


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