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Forest Management By-Law Update

Grey County is reviewing the Forest Management By-Law and will be considering updates. This by-law regulates tree harvesting and removal and promotes woodland preservation.

Public Consultation

A Joint Public Open House that was held virtually on March 24, 2021 at 5:00pm with Grey County and the Town of the Blue Mountains.

Link to archived Open House Video

Notice of Joint Public Open House


Comments received to date

The commenting period for the by-law will be open until May 14, 2021.

You are encouraged to provide your comments or questions in writing using email or regular letter mail. Written comments can be submitted to forests [at]

Please note that all comments are considered public record and will be available on this site for public review.


The County is moving towards updating the Forest Management By-law. In early 2020 staff presented a report to Committee of the Whole indicating the need for updates to the existing by-law and a request to move forward with a public consultation process.

PDR-CW-06-20 Forest Management By-law Updates

The County’s Forest Management By-law applies to the entire County and is intended to regulate the management of forest areas in both public and private ownership. It requires harvesting to be done in a sustainable way that will promote forest health. The process is overseen by the County’s By-law Enforcement Officer for the Forest Management By-law. The current by-law is linked here or can be found on the County’s site here: Forest Management By-law 4341-06

The day to day administration for the Forest Management By-law is done by the County’s By-law Enforcement Officer / Forest Manager, Lee Thurston, who is contracted through the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. If any complaints or applications are received, Lee will be the one to follow up on them. Lee performs site visits and administers/enforces the by-law when necessary.

Several municipalities within Grey County also have a forest management, or tree-preservation by-law. The City of Owen Sound has a Shade Tree By-law which essentially regulates trees on City owned properties. The Municipality of Meaford has a Tree Cutting By-law that is applicable to trees within the municipality that are not covered under the County’s Forest Management By-law. The Town of the Blue Mountains is currently updating their forest management by-law and has been working closely with the County to determine the best approach to ensure the by-laws are aligned.

Grey County Staff Contact: Sarah Johnson sarah.johnson [at] or 519-372-0219 x1241

Information regarding the Town of the Blue Mountains By-law Update can be found here:

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