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Windfall Redline Revisions - Phase 6

The Windfall development is being developed in a total of 6 phases.  The current draft approved plan permits 609 residential units.  Phases 1, 2, and 3 are developed, Phase 4 is under construction and Phase 5 is in the subdivision agreement review process.  In December 2018, Windfall applied to amend the draft plan through a proposed redline revision and also applied to the Town for an implementing zoning by-law amendment to permit a proposed increase in approved residential units to 680.  In 2020, Windfall had submitted applications to the County and the Town to consider further revisions to Phase 6 including increasing the total number of residential units from 609 to 659 (total increase of 50 residential units).  A Public meeting was held on November 30, 2020.  In response to the comments received, Windfall had submitted a proposed revised plan and planning cover letter.  The previously proposed revised plan (February 2021) continued to propose a total increase of 50 residential units and proposed to redistribute the location of the semi-detached units along Street G, retain single detached lots at locations where they back onto existing single detached lots, and to construct a parking area on Block F – Private Recreation/Neigbourhood Park block for overflow off-street parking. The Planning Cover Letter also provided further information in response to other comments received.  The County and the Town has received a third revised submission.  The proposed revised plan (April 2021) and Planning Cover Letter (May 2021) can be found in the links below.  Town staff have prepared a staff report (Item B.15.4) which provides an overview of the latest proposed revisions along with a summary of the comments received to date.  The Town staff report can be found at the following link:… The proposed revised plan (April 2021) continues to propose a total increase of 50 residential units in accordance with the density policies contained in the Town of The Blue Mountains Official Plan.  The main change proposed in this latest revised plan is to relocate the previously proposed parking area from part of Block F (Private Recreation/Neighbourhood Park Block) and relocate it to the northeast corner of Crosswinds Boulevard and Street G.  The area of the off-street parking area would be located on previous draft approved Lots 195 to 199 and this off-site parking area would be added to Block A - Community Forest Park Block.  This will result in 0.251 hectares of additional land being added to the existing Town-owned community park block.  The five lots that would be removed to allow this off-street parking area would be redistributed in the proposed redlined lots.  The revised plan also proposes to redistribute the location of semi-detached units along Street G and to retain single detached lots at locations where they back onto existing single detached lots.  The proposed revisions would also add some additional lands to Block S – Stormwater Management Pond block.  The proposed walkway block (Block 180) continues to be proposed which would provide an additional connection from Street G to Block A being the Community Forest Park block.  The Town of The Blue Mountains received a zoning amendment application in 2020.  The purpose and effect of the proposed zoning by-law amendment is to increase the maximum permitted number of residential units from 609 to 659 to implement the proposed redline changes described above.  The proposed zoning by-law amendment would also consider rezoning the additional lands for the proposed off-street parking area to be added to Block A (Community Forest Park block) from the ‘R1-3’ residential zone to ‘OS’ open space zone.

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The Blue Mountains
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