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Wilder Lake Subdivision - Redline Revision

Description: The County has received a redline revision application which proposes to revise the current draft approved plan of subdivision known as Wilder Lake Subdivision (County file number 42T-2019-04). The proposed Red Line Draft Plan seeks to remove the dock at Wilder Lake (forming part of the ‘dock block’, Block 34) from those lands subject to Draft Plan approval, and to merge the remainder of that block with the adjacent Lot 6. This will effectively eliminate Block 34 and will increase the area of Lot 6.
Three Conditions of Draft Plan Approval are also proposed to be modified as part of the red-line revision, those being Conditions #7, #26 and #27. Various related references throughout the conditions document may also require minor related revision.The three proposed amended conditions are in relation to the removal of the dock and the merge of the remainder of Block 34 with abutting Lot 6; the dedication of the Stormwater Management Blocks to the Township, subject to necessary easement and maintenance agreements; and the construction of dwellings on Lot 1 and Lot 7, prior to final approval, subject to the requirements of a Model Home Agreement. The proposed revisions do not change the number of proposed residential lots and the lands are currently designated and zoned for the current draft approval, as well as the redline plan. No implementing zoning by-law amendment is required.

File Number
Township of Southgate
Staff Contact
Liz Buckton
Job Title
Senior Planner
Planning and Development

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