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Wilder Lake Subdivision

The County has received a plan of subdivision application known as Wilder Lake (County File Number 42T-2019-04) that proposes to create a 29-lot estate residential development within the Inland Lakes and Shoreline designation that is adjacent to Wilder Lake.  The site is to be accessed from Southgate Sideroad 26 and would follow the existing internal road to the clubhouse.  Further internal roads are proposed to be constructed to provide access to the proposed lots.  The subject lands are developed as the Homestead Golf Course and Winter Resort which currently contains a clubhouse, restaurant and rental accommodation (cottages) along the shore of Wilder Lake.  The intent would be to maintain the golf course use on the subject lands in conjunction with the proposed residential development.  A lot which would contain the existing golf course buildings is also being proposed as part of this subdivision.  Three open space blocks that will contain stormwater retention ponds are also proposed as part of the development.  The proposal is to service the lots with individual wells and septic systems in accordance with the Ontario Building Code requirements.  Further information about the proposed development can be found in the supporting studies that have been submitted with the application.

File Number
Township of Southgate
Staff Contact
Liz Buckton
Job Title
Senior Planner
Planning and Development

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