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Villages at Peaks Bay Redline Revision

The proposed redline revision that has been submitted to the County requests that the vacant condominium units draft approved under 42-CDM-2013-01 (Delphi Court) be added as part of the draft approved vacant condominium plan 42-CDM-2007-15 (Neighbourhoods at Delphi Point).  There are no other changes being proposed to the draft approved plans. Essentially what this would be doing is merging the two draft approved plans together into one plan.  The Agent for the Applicant notes that the primary reasons for merging the two draft approved plans together are that both are under the same ownership, both have been marketed under the same project name, both are subject to the same pre-servicing agreement with the Town, both are being serviced under one contract and, both will be subject to the same subdivision development agreement.  The Applicant would also prefer that the developments be implemented under one condominium plan and one condominium corporation.

File Number
42-CDM-2007-15 and 42-CDM-2013-01
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
Job Title
Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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