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Southgate Meadows Plan of Subdivision - Redline Revision

The County has received a redline revision application which proposes to revise the current draft approved plan of subdivision known as Southgate Meadows (County file number 42T-2018-12).  The proposed revisions would increase the total number of residential units from 163 to 183, or an increase of 20 units.  Upon further detailed review of the stormwater management, it has been determined that the stormwater block in the current draft approved plan is larger than what will be required for the stormwater management pond.  As such, the developer is proposing to add seven residential lots on the west side of the stormwater management block (Block 146).  The proposed revisions also propose to convert some of the single detached units to townhouse units.  Lots 70 to 78 and Lots 108 to 117 are proposed to be converted to townhouse blocks.  This would essentially convert 19 single detached lots to six townhouse blocks which would contain a total of 32 townhouse units.  The proposed changes would change the current draft approved plan from 130 single detached units and 33 townhouse units to 118 single detached units and 65 townhouse units.  Other changes include changing some of the lot/block numbers as a result of the proposed revisions.  Updated studies have been submitted with the proposed redline revision application.  A zoning by-law amendment application has also been submitted to the Township of Southgate.

File Number
42T-2018-12 (Redline Revision)
Township of Southgate
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
Job Title
Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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