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Skydevco Condominium

The County has received a vacant land plan of condominium application, known as the Skydevco Inc. condominium (County file number 42CDM-2021-02). The proposed development is planned to include a mixture of the vacant land plan of condominium, as well as future standard condominiums for the townhouse units. The subject lands are designated as ‘Primary Settlement Area’ and ‘Hazard Lands’ in the County Official Plan.  The Primary Settlement Area designation permits new residential, commercial and hotel developments.
The purpose and effect of the zoning by-law amendment submitted to the Municipality of Meaford is to rezone the lands to the Residential Multiple (RM-Exception) zone to facilitate the construction of a five storey hotel and spa, three two-storey townhouse buildings, three five-storey waterfront townhouse buildings, and two five-storey apartment buildings on the lands. The Development Concept includes 90 hotel units, 14 two-storey townhouse units, 72 waterfront townhouse units, and 120 apartment units (proposed as rental tenure) for a site-wide total of 206 residential units.
A related request has also been submitted to the Municipality of Meaford regarding the proposed exchange/sale of 647.5m2 (0.16 acres) of municipal land for amalgamation with the development lands. The property requested is the extension of the Bridge Street road allowance, on the east side of Fuller Street (illustrated below/on reverse). The applicant proposes fair-market value compensation for the lands based on a partial exchange of property and a cash payment based on the formal appraised value of the lands. Consideration of land transfer requests are required to follow the procedures outlined via Municipal ‘Sale of Real Property’ By-law #104-2007.
The Development Concept has been revised in September 2021 and continues to feature a mix of uses and is comprised of nine buildings: a five storey hotel and spa, three two-storey townhouse buildings, four four-storey waterfront townhouse buildings, and one four-storey apartment building. The revision removed one of the apartment buildings from the original concept and provides an additional waterfront townhouse building. The height of the apartment building has also been decreased by one level. The Development Concept includes 78 hotel units, 21 two-storey townhouse units, 88 waterfront townhouse units, and 60 apartment units. This results in a site-wide total of 169 residential units where 206 units were previously proposed, and a reduction of 12 hotel units.

File Number
Municipality of Meaford
Staff Contact
Scott Taylor
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Director of Planning
Planning and Development

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