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Richpark Homes Subdivision

The County has received a plan of subdivision application known as Richpark Homes (County file number 42T-2020-04) that proposes to create a single block subdivision in order to utilize Part Lot Control provisions under the Planning Act to implement a site plan that has been approved by the Town of The Blue Mountains.  The approved site plan created a total of 2 single detached dwellings and 22 semi-detached dwellings.  The intent is to create Parcels of Tied Land (POTL’s) using the Part Lot Control provisions under the Planning Act and then create a common element condominium for the proposed road and the open space lands to the south through a future condominium exemption application process.A zoning by-law amendment application has also been submitted to the Town of The Blue Mountains in order to reflect the type of condominium.  Current zoning by-law provisions treat building setbacks as if the condominium is one single property notwithstanding that 24 dwelling units are to be built.  Therefore, to implement a common elements condominium type development, the existing zoning provisions requires a minor adjustment in the wording to recognize that the proposed common element lands within this zone shall be considered to be one contiguous lot.

File Number
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
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Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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