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Cobble Beach - Redline Revisions

Plan of Subdivision File No. 42T-2004-02 was granted draft approval on October 13, 2005 and later revised on October 12, 2006.  Plan of Subdivision File No. 42T-2006-12 lapsed on March 15, 2015.  Draft Plan of Subdivision 42T-2004-02 was revised in February 2016 by adding the previously draft approved lots from 42T-2006-12 along with some other minor revisions.  The combined draft plans consist primarily of residential, parkland and open space uses to a maximum of 312 residential units (excluding the mixed use and multiple family blocks).  The County has received proposed revisions to the current draft approved plan.  The Applicant is requesting the following revisions to Blocks 50 to 56:(1) Street D to be extended northwards and connect to Street G.  The cul-de-sac at the end of Street G would be removed;(2) Individual residential lots (Lot 50 to 56, 68 to 126) are proposed to replace residential blocks 50 to 56; and,(3) 65 residential lots are proposed with lot frontages ranging from 16.7 metres to 33.8 metres, and lot areas ranging from 668 square metres to 1,251 square metres.The current draft approved plan provides a range of 54 to 77 residential units within Block 50 to 56.  The redline revision proposes 65 residential units which is within the current draft approved range.  The total count of residential units of the overall development will change from a range of 233 to 312 residential units to 244 to 300 residential units which falls within the range that has been draft approved.

File Number
Township of Georgian Bluffs
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
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Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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