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Clarksbury Subdivision Phase 2 - Redline Revision

The County of Grey has received an application proposing redline revisions to Phase 2 of the Clarksbury Subidivision.  Phase 1 of the Clarksbury Subdivision has been approved and registered.  The proposed redline revisions would make some minor modifications to the lot lines between Lots 44 and 60 and shifting the open ppace trail connection block (Block 61) slightly to the east to create residential lots that are more consistent to the built form that is being provided in Phase 1.  There are no changes to the total number of proposed lots and there are no changes to the overall developable area as currently shown in the draft approved plan.

File Number
42T-2017-01 - Redline Revision Phase 2
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
Job Title
Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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