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Aquavil Subdivision (Former Craigleith Village) - Redline Revision

The Aquavil development has existing land-use planning approvals including local Official Plan policies, Zoning By-law provisions and an approved Draft Plan of Subdivision that is subject to a number of conditions.  The current approvals enable the development of up to 340 dwelling units and 9,100 sq.m of commercial uses spread over an 'East Neighbourhood' and a 'West Neighbourhood'.  Earlier this year the Developer withdrew the proposed official plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment applications that were previously submitted to the Town of The Blue Mountains.  The Developer requested that the redline revision application previously submitted to the County remain ‘active’ as they planned to submit a new proposed revised plan in accordance with the current zoning and official plan policies that are in effect for the subject lands.  The County had received the new proposed revised plan from Aquavil earlier this year.  The Town and the County recently received notice from Aquavil that they are also withdrawing the proposed redline revision application.  Town and County staff will continue to review the current draft approved plan and to consider potential revisions to the Draft Plan and Conditions of Draft Approval and will bring forward future staff reports to our respective Council's.

File Number
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Randy Scherzer
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Deputy CAO
Office of the CAO

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