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The purpose of this plan of subdivision application known as the Abbotts Subdivision (County file number 42T-2019-02) is to create lots for 22 semi-detached residential dwellings.  The draft plan seeks to create 11 lots that would be further divided into 22 lots, through Part-Lot Control at a later time. Access to the lots would be from extensions of Bay Street West and Victoria Street North.  The new road extensions are proposed to be a one-way road. The proposed subdivision would be serviced by municipal water and sewer services.  An associated zoning by-law amendment application is also being processed by the Town of The Blue Mountains.  The effect of the zoning by-law amendment (Town file number P2832) application is to rezone the subject lands from the Residential One (R1-1) zone to the Residential Two (R2) zone to permit the semi-detached dwellings. This file has now been approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal.

File Number
The Blue Mountains
Staff Contact
Scott Taylor
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Director of Planning
Planning and Development

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