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Committee of the Whole

All Grey County councillors attend committee of the whole meetings. Each councillor has the opportunity to participate in discussions and forward recommendations for all areas of Grey County business.

A session of Grey County Council is held before each committee of the whole meeting. Council reviews and votes on the decisions made during the previous committee of the whole meeting. Bylaws are also passed during County Council. 

Consent Agenda

A consent agenda allows the committee to vote on a list of routine items together without discussion. Councillors are notified of the consent agenda items before a meeting. If a councillor feels that something does need discussion they can ask the Clerk to remove it from the consent agenda and add it to the agenda under items for discussion.

Other Committees

Grey County uses subcommittees and task forces to streamline decisions for specific topics and issues. Some committees, like the Accessibility Advisory Committee, are permanent. Other committees, like the Development Charges Steering Committee, are ad hoc and run for a short period of time.

Membership of each subcommittee varies. Some include public members and others don’t. You can learn the details of each specific subcommittee here.

Other Appointments

County Councillors may also be appointed to external boards and other agencies, such as the Board of Health.