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2021 Budget Documents

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2021 Budget Statistics

  • 2021 Total Operating and Capital Budget: $171.2 Million
  • 2021 Net Property Levy - $62.3 Million

Through the direction of Grey County Council, tax dollars are put into action to serve residents, support people in need and help our community prosper.

But have you ever wondered how each tax dollar is spent? The image below shows the 2021 budget broken down into different functions. As you can see, there’s a lot more to the budget than roads and bridges. In fact, of every dollar spent, $0.46 goes directly to helping people – specifically people at risk. See for yourself.

2021 tax dollar breakdown

construction equipment on road
2021 Budget: $21 Million

Grey County maintains 887 km of roads and 192 bridges to ensure they are safe for travel. In 2021, we’re increasing infrastructure spending to make repairs where they are needed most. Projects are planned for Grey Roads 3, 5, 15, 16, 17, 19, 40, 170 and 119.

Paramedic Services
2021 Budget: $7.5 Million

Grey County paramedics respond to more than 24,000 calls annual. Innovative programs like community paramedicine are improving quality of life and helping people stay out of hospital and in their homes longer. The 2021 budget also includes funding to allow for night coverage at the Chatsworth base seven days per week.

Affordable housing
Affordable Housing
2021 Budget: $7.8 Million

Grey County maintains 997 units of affordable housing and supports the operation of an additional 500+ units of non-profit housing, but access to housing continues to be one of our biggest challenges. In 2021, Council is committing $1,110,500 in funding to create an affordable housing fund. In addition, Grey County continues to assist with the construction of Odawa Heights projects in Owen Sound and also supports emergency housing for people in crisis.

Grey County Administration Building
Administration, Healthcare and Education
2021 Budget: $10.9 Million

The corporate services budget ensures our programs and services are delivered efficiently and professionally. This budget includes the cost of administration, compliance with regulations, information technology, building costs (electricity, maintenance), and Grey County Council. This budget also captures commitments made to healthcare initiatives and education.

Eugenia Falls
Economic Development, Tourism and Culture
2021 Budget: $3.3 Million

COVID-19 Recovery and workforce attraction and retention are priorities for Grey County’s economic development department in 2021. Grey County will also look to bolster Grey Roots with the construction of a general store.   

Regional Agricultural Learning Site
Planning and the Environment
2021 Budget: $1.2 Million

Even during a pandemic, Grey County continues to grow. Building activity is up and there’s no sign of slowing down. Planning staff continue to process applications and will focus on projects including a Development Charges Study and Age-Friendly Communities plan. Planning will also continue moving forward the Regional Agriculture Learning and Demonstration site.

Ontario Works and Children’s Services
2021 Budget: $3.3 Million

Ontario Works is a provincial program delivered by Grey County that provides financial and employment assistance to residents in need. Grey County also offers programs, subsidies, and information to parents with young children. In 2021 we are preparing to see an increase in our Ontario Works caseload as certain pandemic supports end.

Long Term Care Ballroom Dancing
Long-Term Care
2021 Budget: $7.5 Million

Grey County currently operates 316 long-term care beds at three locations. Two redevelopment projects have been approved by the Province and in 2021 Grey County will be actively planning for the development of a 128-bed home to replace Rockwood Terrace in Durham, and a 128-bed home and campus of care to enhance Grey Gables in Markdale.

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