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2017 Budget Documents

2017 Budget Statistics

  • 2017 Total Operating and Capital Budget: $144 Million
  • 2017 Net Property Levy - $54 Million

Through the direction of Grey County Council, tax dollars are put into action to serve residents, support people in need and help the community prosper.

But have you ever wondered how each tax dollar is spent? The image below shows the 2017 budget broken down into different functions. As you will see, there’s a lot more to the budget than roads and bridges. In fact, of every dollar spent, $0.48 goes directly to helping people – specifically people at risk. See for yourself.

2017 Budget Breakdown

The 2017 Grey County budget was approved on November 22, 2016. The $144-million operating and capital budget maintains the service levels residents expect, and expands services in the areas where it’s needed most.

Highlights of the 2017 budget include:

  • A new ambulance station in Chatsworth
  • Funding for the ‘Chapman House’
  • Funding rural and community transportation
  • Increased spending for roads
  • More registered nursing hours for Rockwood Terrace
  • Investments in affordable housing
  • Community and healthcare funding
  • Building a ‘connected county’ and intelligent community
  • Developing a recreation plan for our forest and trails

The 2017 budget includes a net increase of $1.4 million. This amount will be funded from new assessment growth and a tax rate increase of 1.83%. The increase equals about $16.33 for the average residential property in Grey County assessed  at $250,000, or around $10.50 per person.


Frame of a home being constructed
Planning, Heritage and the Environment
2017 Budget: $0.6 Million

In 2017, Grey County will begin implementing public feedback collected during Recolour Grey, the County’s five-year review of the Official Plan.  Other projects include updating the County’s Forest Management Plan and developing a recreational trails strategy to provide a plan for maintenance and access to the County forests.

A group of people stand on the stage in front of the banner for Ag 4.0
Economic Development and Tourism
2017 Budget: $1.2 Million

The 2017 budget continues implementing the Economic Development Strategy and Destination Development Action Plan. It also includes funding for the SWIFT broadband internet project, and building on Grey County’s recognition as one of the Smart21 communities of 2017.

2017 Budget: $17.4 Million

Maintaining more than 877km or roads is no simple task in this part of the country. In 2017, Grey County will continue investing into our roads infrastructure with planned capital projects and ongoing maintenance and replacement of equipment. Winter maintenance will also slightly increase.

Paramedic Services
Paramedic Services
2017 Budget: $6.4 Million

Each year, Grey County Paramedics respond to more than 19,000 emergency calls. In recent years, calls to the Chatsworth area have increased. Response times are critical during an emergency. The 2017 budget includes funding for a new base in Chatsworth will ensure paramedics can reach the area quickly. The base will also relieve pressure from surrounding bases.

Newly renovated patios behind row housing at Alpha Street
Affordable Housing
2017 Budget: $7.2 Million

Grey County delivers social housing programs that support people in need of housing and shelter.  The 2017 budget supports the operation of 888 rent-geared-to-income housing units, and an additional 450 non-profit housing units. On top of day-to-day needs and rising utility costs, we are steadily updating and renovating units to ensure they are safe and secure.

A resident in a wheel chair pets a miniature horse that is wearing a sun hat.
Long-Term Care
2017 Budget: $6.1 Million

The needs of residents entering long-term care are changing. An increase in nursing hours in the 2017 budget ensures the residents of Rockwood Terrace continue receiving high-quality and compassionate care.

Grey County continues to save for future long-term care redevelopment needs in the 2017 budget.

A man fills out a form.
Ontario Works & Children`s Services
2017 Budget: $3.8 Million

Ontario Works

The County offers a range of supports for agencies, child care providers and parents including fee subsidies, child care licencing, early childhood education and more. Ontario Works provides financial and employment assistance to residents in need. Grey County has a stable Ontario Works caseload of around 1,350 clients and participates in other social initiatives such as: the MOVIN’GB rural transit pilot, the data sharing network with community partners, the drug task force, and other projects.


Children’s Services

Grey County Children`s Services offers programs, subsidies and information for parents, and a range of supports for agencies and child care providers. The County is also the co-lead for the Ontario Early Years program with centres all around the county.

People in firefighting gear battle a flame at the marine emergency duties training facility.
Corporate Services
2017 Budget: $9.2 Million

The Corporate Services budget captures the costs of doing business, keeping the lights on and maintaining properties and facilities. The budget also includes council services, staffing, running the Provincial Offences court, Health Unit funding, IT supports and other community funding.

Notable community investments in 2017 include:

“Build a Home for Hospice Campaign”

Marine Emergency Duties Training Facility

“The Hospital Campaign”


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