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CSWBP Homelessness Response Steering Committee Housing Individuals and Families in Grey & Bruce

The Community Safety and Well-Being Planning Homelessness Response Steering Committee has been working diligently to ensure community members are safely housed. The committee is a partnership with Bruce County, Grey County, and community service providers to further develop approaches to addressing homelessness through a rural perspective. In January and February 2024, 33 households have been housed from the By-Names List across Bruce County and Grey County.  Having local data to measure the impact of coordinated services continues to drive changes in service delivery approaches and provides partners with the information needed to continue planning for our communities.

What is the By-Name List (BNL)?

A By-Name List is a real-time list of all known people experiencing homelessness in your community. It includes a robust set of data points that support coordinated access and prioritization at a household level as well as an understanding of homeless inflow and outflow at a system level.

As of February 2024, the combined Bruce-Grey BNL identified 170 households experiencing active homelessness. Of those, 126 individuals are experiencing chronic homelessness, meaning they have been without stable housing for more than 6 months.

Homelessness Response

The primary goal of homelessness response is to lower the number of households experiencing chronic homelessness by increasing access to tenancies and decreasing the number of households entering the system. To help reach this goal, both Grey and Bruce Counties offer 10% of vacant housing units to individuals or families on the active By-Name List.

In addition, both Grey County and Bruce County offer Emergency Shelter and/or Short-Term Housing programs. These programs support as many households as possible with time limited shelter when experiencing homelessness. Community members can call 211 for the most up to date information about these programs, including information on how to access support.

The Homelessness Response team in Bruce and Grey is working hard to prioritize services and provide the highest level of supports to the residents of the community.

To learn more about the Homelessness Response please visit: Apply for Affordable Housing | Grey County or Housing Services | Bruce County

What is the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP) Grey-Bruce?  

Community Safety and Well-Being Planning helps organizations improve the things that keep us healthy, happy, and safe. Together, we use research to create solutions focused on education, health care, food, housing, income, crime, and belonging. It is important that we create a welcoming community where problems are solved before they happen and where different professionals and community members come together to help people now and in the future. 

The ongoing work of CSWBP is supported by an advisory committee representing over 74 partners from across Bruce and Grey who are working together to address crime prevention by investing in social development, prevention, and risk interventions. This upstream preventative model focuses on creating protective factors that make individuals less vulnerable to crime and victimization.  

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For more information, contact:

Adam Ferguson, Corporate Communications Specialist, Corporation of the County of Bruce

226-909-6399 or aferguson [at] (aferguson[at]brucecounty[dot]on[dot]ca)

Rob Hatten, Communications Manager, Grey County

519-373-1592. or robert.hatten [at] (rob[dot]hatten[at]grey[dot]ca)

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