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Ontario Early Years Centres

Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services / Ontario Early Years Centres

The Ontario Early Years Centre – Bruce/Grey/Owen Sound-Hanover site is an accessible resource for parents with young children 0-6 years of age. This centre provides core early years services that will help give children a healthy start in life. They also help parents link with organizations that provide other early years services such as child care services, health services and recreation programs. An example of the core services that will be provided are:

Early learning services for children and parents, such as literacy and interactive learning activities.

Resources and parenting groups on topics of healthy child development.

Pre and post natal resources.

Information links to other early years services, such as recreation department programming, child care services in the area, etc.

Early literacy specialist will work with Early Years Centre to monitor and promote literacy among children from birth to 6 years of age. Early literacy specialist will visit the centre and design training programs for staff, parents and children.

Outreach programs that will encourage parents to use the centre and participate in its programs.

A speakers bureau, that will identify people in the community who can speak knowledgeably about healthy child development and promote programs and services.

Volunteer co-ordination services will identify community volunteers who are willing to work with parents or assist in the Early Years Programs both within and outside the centre.  

And finally, data gathering and monitoring activities designed to assess the effectiveness of the community’s early years services and initiatives, both internal and external to the centres and their impact on child development and readiness to learn.

We are very excited about providing these new and enhanced services to parents and children 0-6 and feel that the community will certainly benefit from them.

Contact Heather Reay (519) 376-8808; email heather.reay@grey.ca or Pam Scott pam.scott@grey.ca

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