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Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan is a tool supporting the creation of policies and guiding infrastructure initiatives for Grey County's transportation system over the next 25 years.

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Transportation Master Plan

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History of the Plan

Grey County developed the Transportation Master Plan in 2015. A thorough study was completed as well as public consultation. The study was completed under the Environmental Assessment Act and followed section 2.7 in the Municipal Class EA guidelines. 


The objective of the Transportation Master Plan is to address short, medium and long-term transportation needs for Grey County. 

Goal 1 - Create a vision for all modes of transportation in the County of Grey, with a particular focus on encouraging active transportation options (cycling, walking/running).

Goal 2 - Identify Transportation network constraints and opportunities, as well as required infrastructure improvements/expansions to ensure the continued safe and efficient movement of people and goods to the year 2036.

Goal 3 - Ensure that the Transportation Master Plan is fully aligned with the County’s vision and goals identified in the County Corporate Strategic Plan and other County plans/strategies.

Goal 4 - Establish solutions reflective of the present economic climate and future conditions.

Goal 5 - Coordinate and establish partnerships with public and private agencies. 

Public Consultation

Public Consultation was a key component of this process. Based on the comments provided from the previous Public Information Centres, a draft Transportation Master Plan with accompanying appendices has been prepared.  The draft Transportation Master Plan provides a number of recommendations and options for improving the overall transportation system in Grey County.  Not all of the recommendations can be implemented at once.  Council is interested in hearing your thoughts on what recommendations should be considered as priority action items that will result in immediate improvements and efficiencies to the overall transportation system.


Plan Details and Documents

The Transportation Master Plan has been completed and recommendations from the Transportation Master Plan are currently being considered by Grey County Council.  It is recommended that the County revisit the need for a Transportation Master Plan update following implementation on some of the recommendations in the current Transportation Master Plan.

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